REN Rosa Centifolia No1 Purity Cleansing Balm: Review


I think I’ve found the perfect cleansing balm. No1 Purity Cleansing Balm is a new addition to REN’s Rosa Centifolia cleansing range, with 100% natural Rose Extract Complex to tone, soften and soothe while cleansing. And that’s exactly what it does.

Reasons I love it:

  • Lightweight squeezey tube with flip-up lid is quick, easy and hygienic to use
  • Skin-kind natural ingredients… ahhh
  • That ‘just perfect’ rose scent; rosy enough for you to know that it’s rose, yet gentle and delicate
  • The light texture that’s *just* solid enough to be balmy yet immediately softens on contact with warm skin and feels delicious when massaged in.
  • It works. It removes all of my make-up and leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and fresh (not taut).
  • Rinses off easily with a flannel or the muslin provided (don’t chuck the box until you’ve taken this out - been there done that).

The ease of removal is an important point for me. What I love about balms is that they feel like a treatment as well as a cleanser. I generally remove the bulk of my make-up first, then go in with a balm, massage it in, leave it on my skin while I potter, shower, clean teeth, whatevs (or not, according to how much time I have), then rinse off with a cloth and warm water.  Some (eg Balance Me) require a fair bit of effort to remove, which I guess brings its own benefits (scrupulous skin), but frankly, I’m lazy and love that this one washes away with as much ease as a cream cleanser.

I’ve been using this most evenings for one month now and my skin is looking and feeling very happy with itself.  This tube was provided for review and when it runs out I will replace it for sure.

The Rosa Centifolia™ range includes a cleansing foam, make-up removing milk, 3-in-1 cleansing water, cleansing balm, gel wash and an exfoliating polish, all available here.

I’ve tried very little from the REN range - this is the first since the Rose Otto shower gel a friend kindly bought me many years ago. Any other recs would be very welcome!




Pur Minerals Skincare: Be Firm & Tone Up!


Anna - a friend & fan of all things natural - tested these products on my behalf as I was trialling other skincare when sent these for review.  I hadn’t realised that Pur Minerals did skincare - check out the natural green and red tones of these products!

Here are Anna’s thoughts on the products after one month of daily use…


Click to enlarge pic & view ingredients list

Be Firm: Complete Facial Serum
I was initially surprised at the watery texture of the serum as I was expecting a thicker, more gel like consistency, although when I realised that this is water based it made sense and I was glad to be putting a more natural product on my skin.  It instantly had a cooling and tightening effect and felt good. The smell, or lack of it, took me a while to get used to… I like putting on things that smell gorgeous but this was not one of those. It left a slight tacky feeling on my hands after I had put it on, which wasn't pleasant, so I felt I had to wipe my hands after applying it.

I do believe this serum has helped my normal to oily skin. My pores seem smaller and skin definitely feels firmer. I would use this product again only for the skin benefits but the consistency, smell and tackiness would put me off.

Tone Up: Total Eye Fitness
I was happy to use a product that doesn't sting the skin around my eyes. It feels really lovely to put on and does not leave a residue. I have noticed a difference, the under-eye darkness has reduced and my eyes are not as puffy. I would recommend this gel and would definitely use it again.

Thanks for taking the time to test and review these so thoroughly, Anna! x

Pur Minerals Tone Up Total Eye Fitness, £25 is available at M&S here and Be Firm Complete Facial Serum, £32.50 here.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette: Review & Swatches


I very rarely buy anything on a whim, including make-up, but all logic flew out the window when I realised the much anticipated Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette was available online and moments after a quick Google of swatches I’d checked out at Space NK online (thank you beauty bloggers everywhere - and Sarah of Saloule for posting a pic of hers on Instagram!). 

I’m so happy to say that this product turned out to be even more beautiful than anticipated and I’ve loved using it daily since it arrived.  I’ve been wanting to try Hourglass products for a while after drooling over them in Space NK and other blogs and almost bought the Dim Light Ambient Powder a few months ago but it was out of stock.  This limited edition trio includes two existing shades (Dim Light and Radiant Light) and one new limited edition shade (Incandescent Light). Also included with the palette is a 5ml-size Veil Mineral Primer, which I haven’t got around to trying yet.

Soft Focus

So what’s it for?  Essentially finishing powders, each Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder has a slightly different function, but what they all have in common is the ability to create a slightly soft focus, lit from within effect on the skin. 

“…diffuse and soften the way light is reflected on skin, brighten the appearance, and conceal imperfections, pores and wrinkles. Unlike traditional powders that use opaque pigments, Ambient utilises "photoluminescent technology"-micron-size, soft-focus particles that refract light and create transparent coverage.”

I’ve never been a huge fan of powders and find many of them make skin look rather flat and lifeless, which is the antithesis of what I try to achieve with make-up and definitely not a good look for me.  Thankfully these have the opposite effect - softening, removing any slight shine and yet simultaneously introducing light to the skin.

Hourglass-Ambient-Lighting-Palette-natural light

I’ve included this image taken in natural light as the top pic was in direct sunlight and makes the powders look particularly golden, which they can do, but it can be so confusing looking at images online - so I wanted to make it clear that these do change slightly in different lights (like most make-up).

How I used each shade

I’ve been using all three at once; they all have a unique effect and are multifunctional, so why not!  Once I’ve finished applying foundation and concealer I sweep Dim Light all over my face - this neutral, beige toned powder has an overall softening and slight mattifying (but not flattening) effect.  It’s so finely milled that it’s almost impossible to overdo.

I then add Radiant Light to contour and add a little warmth across cheekbones, temples and at the top of my forehead (a contouring trick I recently discovered from Nic Pixiwoo, only necessary for fellow massive-foreheaded gals!).  Radiant is very golden in tone and has the effect of warming the complexion, almost functioning as a light Winter bronzer on my skin tone. It does have a slight sheen, but nowhere near as much as you’d expect considering how it looks in the pan - it’s not glittery and completely daytime friendly.  It is yellow based, which is good for counteracting redness, but I do need to use it sparingly to avoid looking slightly jaundiced! This probably would not be an issue on deeper skins.

I normally add a little pink blush on the apples of my cheeks at this point and am currently loving Chantecaille Poudre de Perle in Akoya. I then finish off with Incandescent Light as a highlight on cheekbones and brow bones. This light champagne shade is the most shimmery of the three and best used sparingly, but still doesn’t add glitter or sparkle - it really does just make the high points glow.

Hourglass-Ambient-Lighting-Palette-packaging Hourglass-Ambient-Lighting-Palette-size

The palette is light and slim, but contains what appears to be a generous amount of product, which I imagine will last me for a long time.  (It also tones in quite well with today’s new mani - Dusk til Dawn by SensatioNail!)



Above: Radiant, Incandescent and Dim.  This is a light swatch from each, which shows just how little is needed - literally one sweep of each is enough for my use and the texture is dreamily buttery soft with little if any fallout.


I think you can see above how neutral Dim Light is, making it suitable for allover use, while Incandescent is more pearlescent and Radiant, light golden bronze.  Of course when blended out the colours and effect are much more subtle.

 Hourglass-Ambient-Lighting-Palette-Trio-applied (2)

I took this pic just after I got back from a forest walk today - not quite what I had in mind but I wanted to include one with the powders applied, so please look past the slightly knackered windswept effect and note the glow!  I didn’t use blusher on this occasion and added more of the Radiant (bronze) than I normally would, so that you can see the colours in their natural state.  Imagine me looking slightly paler with a pink cheek for my usual look, which I’ll post a pic of soon, as these beauties are slotting into my everyday stash for the foreseeable!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is available at Space NK here.


Organic Surge Beauty Blogger Bundle


Organic surge Christmas beauty bloggers bundle

Organic Surge has put together a gift set exclusively for beauty blog readers, containing some beauty blogger favourites at a discounted price.  As you can tell from the pic above, it’s aimed at a certain time of year which I can’t bring myself to mention until at least November!

The Organic Surge Christmas Beauty Blogger’s Bundle includes:

  • Citrus Mint Shower Gel - for an invigorating, zesty wake-up call
  • 2 Minute Moisture Hair Mask - to infuse hair with moisture and shine in moments
  • Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream - a scenty shield against biting winds
  • Blissful Daily Moisturiser - to give your face the extra care it needs during winter

I’m a big fan of this brand for good quality, effective ingredients at a great price and am happy to recommend all of the above, some of which I’ve raved about on here before.  My current favourite is the First Class Mask, which you may have spotted on my Instagram here, where I found an alternative use for it!  I also use it as an overnight skin quencher on days when I’m extra tired or dehydrated… it’s gently scented and absorbs quickly, so is perfect for evening use.

This Organic Surge Beauty Blogger Bundle is exclusively available here.


Winter White Mani: MUA All Nude

Winter-White-NailsMakeupAcademy-All-Nude-Nail-Polish-swatch MUA-All-Nude-off-white-nail-polish 

It took me a while to come around to the idea of white nails before indulging in Butter London’s Cotton Buds this Summer (seen here).  If you’re in the same camp - and would like to try the look minus the ££ and Tipp-ex effect - I can highly recommend Make Up Academy’s All Nude shade.  More of an almond or antique white *flits through virtual Dulux catalogue* I have crowned this my Winter White.  I had fully intended to bling it up a bit with a few graphite dots or studs, but will save that for another day.  If you still think it’s too stark, try it as a base for nail art or glitter top coats.  It applies well, is pretty much opaque in 2 coats and has an almost matt eggshell finish that I really like.

The best bit? It’s only £1.  I know - I couldn’t believe it either…

Find it here.


Hair Heroes: Alterna Kendi, Unite 7 Seconds, Philip Kingsley One More Day

Alterna-Kendi-Dry-Oil-Micromist, Unite-7secondsCondition, PhilipKingsley-OneMoreDay-volumising-dry-shampoo  

Spray-on hair styling products are my absolute favourite kind, mainly as hair is always my last getting-ready step (I prioritise make-up as hair can always be tied up in emergencies; faces can’t and balaclavas aren’t a good look where I come from).  The reason I like a spray is because when my hair is done, I want to get up and go.  I don’t want to spend time washing sticky gunk off my hands when a taxi is invariably blasting its horn outside.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist is easily my greatest hair discovery of the year.  While Alterna’s line up already includes a number of hair oils, including Kendi dry oil mist, Kendi dry oil Micromist is the new, extra light version, suitable for very fine hair, thanks to a weightless, feather light formula.  First up, I adore the slightly-70s-yet-sexy packaging, which looks like something a Bond girl might whip out of her clutch.  The spray is - as the name suggests - uber fine and does not weigh hair down, neither does it look or feel oily.  It does add softness and shine while taming frizz and flyaways - and provides gentle definition.  I focus on the lower lengths of my hair and find it works well on both wet and dry hair (or both).   This is a good thing as it smells so good I want to spritz it regularly (it’s expensive - don’t do this!) - thanks to citrus, lily, freesia, orchid, osmanthus, sheer musks and transparent woods!

It’s the one.   Find it here.


UNITE 7 Seconds Condition - If you don’t have the time or inclination for a lot of faffing around with hair products, you will love this product.  A brilliant all-rounder, it’s a detangler, UV, thermal and colour protector - and as the name suggests, gets to work fast.  I use this on days when I don’t have time to style my hair to detangle and protect before going for a quick upside-down blast and scrunch.  I’ll also use it on the ends between washes for a little spritz of softness, shine and feel-good fragrance. In 7 seconds.

Still not sure?  It comes in a cute handbag sized bottle for around a fiver, here.


Philip Kingsley One More Day is a new release that slipped into my basket during a recent Feel Unique haul. I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo to add a little oompf to my up-dos between washes and this one certainly provides that.  It works like a regular dry shampoo on second day hair, but is less powdery than other formulas I’ve tried, so I wouldn’t recommend it for day 3 (I know I know, as if you would ever! *guilty*). This baby is very much a volumiser as well as a dry shampoo - in fact I’m more inclined to use it for this purpose (although UNITE Root Boost is my volumiser of choice for *really* big hair).  If you don’t want to raise the roof, but do like to add texture and a little va va voom, this one is for you.

Also available in 50ml or full size here.



5 Pink Beauties for Breast Cancer Awareness

Aveda-Hand-Relief-PinkRibbon-BCA  Marie-Reynolds-PinkRibbon-Massage-Candle Nails-Inc-Pinkie-Pink-BCA-2013Pink-GlamGlow Pink-Genie-Bra 

Every year more and more beauty brands support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is fantastic - and this year I’ve decided to feature five products that I’ve tried, loved and can 100% recommend.  If you choose to buy them this month and support this very special cause, then all the better. 

I first discovered Aveda Hand Relief around 10 years ago and it’s incredibly nourishing and moisturising, with an invigorating rosemary and mint aroma. £2 of every BCA Hand Relief sold will support cruelty free research throughout the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - find it here.

Marie Reynolds candles both scent your home beautifully and can be used as luxurious massage balms before they re-solidify. Faith has a lovely uplifting fragrance as well as skin softening properties thanks to Bergamot, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Cocoa & Shea Butters, to name a few.  £1 from each sale goes to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, a generous gesture from a young business - link.

For 2013 Nails Inc Pinkie Pink comes in two special bottle deigns by Matthew Williamson and Poppy Delevingne.  This is the most sparkly pink glitter polish I have ever come across and would make a lovely pressie for someone.  £1 per purchase goes to Breast Cancer Campaign - find out more and get yours here.

GlamGlow face mask has been a favourite of mine since it first launched for a truly deep, exfoliating pore cleanse… and I can think of no better vessel to house its seaweed muddiness than a shiny pink & silver tub! 25% of every purchase of GlamGlow Cure Sexy will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer (that’s impressive!) - find out more.

Last but by no means least is the Pink Genie Bra. I’ve written about these before as the most comfortable wouldn’t-think-you-were-wearing-one bra.  If you’re bigger than an C cup and like a little extra support at night, you need one of these; you’ll never go back to those secret support tops.  Available from BHS here, £1 per bra will be donated to Breast Cancer Care.

Read more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month here.


In my Shower

Tigi-Bedhead-Recharge-Shampoo Conditioner,MoltonBrown-PinkPeppercorn,OrganicSurge-2min-Hair-Mask 

This is the first of a new ‘In My Shower’ series, where I’ll feature my current hair & body loves.  I hereby reserve the right to switch it to In My Bath as we progress into Winter (& my bath tap gets fixed - it currently flies off and whooshes water everywhere… think hot water, home alone, stopcock behind Christmas tree in dark corner of attic. I may have been a little flustered!)

Back to lovely pampering products, which is what this is all about!  I don’t know about you, but my showers tend to veer from 2 minute affairs while the coffee is brewing… I’ll just have a quick shower, then watch a few YT vids with a coffee - to full-on buffing, soothing and replenishing sessions. This trio falls somewhere in the middle and fits in to an average everyday routine.


No matter what, I always start with washing my hair, so that I can leave conditioner on while I do the rest.  Bed Head Recharge is a clarifying shampoo, which removes pollutants, sweat and product build-up from the hair.  I tend to use it once a week for this purpose, though I don’t think it would do any harm to use it more regularly… I just like to change shampoos depending on how my hair is behaving on a particular day! I’ll follow this with the vitamin and antioxidant enriched Recharge conditioner from the same range.  Unlike some clarifying products, these don’t leave my hair feeling stripped, squeaky or dried out… instead they add shine and the sweet scent of Sweet Orange, Wild Raspberry and Vanilla.  (ps I love the rounded top bottle shape!)


Once a week I like to give my hair an extra boost with a mask, recently in the form of Organic Surge 2 minute Moisture Mask. Silicone free, this contains pure coconut oil and plant extracts to nourish my dehydrated frizzbomb back to something resembling hair.  I love 3 things about this: it’s made with natural ingredients, it only takes 2 mins & it leaves my hair soft & gently scented with coconut - what’s not to love?!  A normal person could probably skip their regular conditioner when using this… I find it quite light (probably perfect for fine hair) and tend to need a double whammy, so use it after my regular conditioner!


During those two minutes I’ll treat myself to the completely heavenly scent of Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash (formerly Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod). Hands up, this is a luxury, but one that I think is totally justifiable!  On a practical level, the bottle is huge; I use a drop the size of a 10p each morning and after six weeks, you can see how little it has gone down.  A cheaper shower gel will do the job, but I love how this lifts my spirits and makes me feel amazing on a cold, groggy morning.  Pink Pepperpods, ginger and patchouli create a warm, softly spiced scent that’s perfect for Autumn and makes my whole upstairs smell divine… possibly because I layer this up with the matching body lotion - super light, softening and sinks in before I get dressed - perfect. 

Do you like to pamper yourself in the shower - or are you more of a wash & go gal? (if anyone else is old enough to remember *that* advert, please leave me a comment below to make me feel better!)


My Cult Beauty Staples & Goody Bag



I’ve just spotted that Cult Beauty is giving away a rather lovely goody bag with orders over £60 at the moment, which is apparently running out fast, so if you need to stock up, now’s a good time.  If you haven’t yet discovered Cult Beauty, you’re in for a treat - it stocks some amazing brands that you won’t find elsewhere in the UK, including many of my beauty staples. Here are just a few that make it into my routine weekly if not daily…


Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01

After hearing what seemed like everyone rave about this cult perfume, I treated myself to the 30ml travel size from Cult Beauty last year.  This is supposed to smell differently on everyone and while some find it woody; to me it’s quite a soft, yet fresh feel-good scent that’s completely unlike anything else I’ve tried.  I love to wear it alone or layered with something more heady or spicy as I find it balances out other fragrances beautifully.  NB the travel size comes without a lid, just to save you looking for it like I did ;)


Alpha H Liquid Gold

One of my first skincare discoveries when I began blogging and still a staple as my ultimate skin refiner and ‘overnight facial in a bottle!’.  Thanks to Kenneth Soh and Caroline Hirons for introducing me to this product way back then and convincing me to buy it (my original review)!

Anastasia-covetwaterproofeyelinerset anastasia_browwiz

Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eyeliner and Brow Wiz

If you only discover one new brand on Cult Beauty, let this be it.  These eyeliners normally sell for £16 each, but you can try this full set for just £23…  I’m assuming they’re mini sized, but still!  I adore these and can’t rate them highly enough - twist-up (no sharpening!), gorgeous shades that are velvety soft yet long lasting (see my swatches). 

I’m always raving about Brow Wiz - the perfect brow tool and an MUA favourite. Think I’m on my 6th, which I can’t say about any other make-up product!  The lightest shade is perfect for blondes (review & swatch towards end of this post).


Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner

A fairly recent discovery for me and one that I’m using pretty much daily, this spray-on brush cleaner instantly removes product (including foundation) from brushes ensuring that they stay clean and hygienic.  Quick and easy to use - just spray and wipe with kitchen roll - and much cheaper than buying multiples of the same brush as you’re good to go again immediately!  Obviously I recommend deep cleaning brushes weekly, but this has been a godsend for regular use.


NCLA Fowl Play Nail Wraps

I love the NCLA brand and their nail wraps are the easiest to work with that I’ve tried.  Fowl Play is a new release and the most stunning I’ve seen - I think these would look amazing as an accent nail or on every nail if you’re game! 


Have you tried any of these products?


My Evening Skincare Routine


Unlike my manic on-the-go morning routine, my evening skincare is a more of a pampering ritual.  Sure there are times when I’m knackered and it feels like a chore, but generally speaking, I find the whole thing quite soothing - and I know that once it’s over I can properly relax for the evening.  With the nights getting darker, I tend to go into hibernation mode a bit earlier than in Summer, aiming for face-off and in my PJs by around 9pm. Sometimes I’ll even do this around 8pm when the children have just gone to bed.  Either way, I recommend doing your evening skincare earlier than bedtime, when you just want to crash and are likely to take less time and care over it.  Plus there’s something lovely about just stumbling up the stairs and into bed…

Back to my routine, which goes something like this…

I often use cleansers which can be used on the eyes, but prefer to remove the bulk of eye make-up first, not least in the interest of avoiding mascara all over my nice white Washi Cloths.  In recent months, my favourite has been M2 Beaute Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover - for its water like consistency that feels super gentle on tired eyes, yet removes product effortlessly.

I’ve been blown away by the Ark Skincare: Remove Pre Skin Cleanse, which takes away all traces of make-up and Age Maintain, which deep cleanses my skin.  The light, gel-like consistency and pump bottle make these quick and easy to use; they feel incredible on my skin and leave it feeling impeccably clean, yet not at all stripped.  If you’re a fan of double cleansing - or not yet convinced - I think you’ll adore these.  The range caters to different skin types and ages in a way that really makes sense.

After cleansing, I treat my skin with La Roche Posay Redermic R, an intense, retinol-based anti-ageing product, which stimulates collagen and elastin to firm and smooth the skin. Unlike many retinol products, this is deemed suitable even for sensitive skins and mine is absolutely loving it.

I spoke about Functionalab moisturiser in my morning skincare routine post - and for evening use, I have been equally impressed by the Functionalab Eye Contour Serum with peptides to hydrate, lift and brighten. I pat one little pump of this around my eye contour with a ring finger before going to sleep - and of all the eye creams I’ve tried, think this one has addressed my crow’s feet the most effectively.  They haven’t gone, but they’re less obvious.  Functionalab skincare is designed to be used alongside the brand’s targeted ‘Beauty Dose’ supplements, from collagen boosters to body toners. I haven’t yet tried these, but imagine that the skincare results would be maximised by using them together.

My final step is skin-plumping Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream for rejuvenated skin, which is just what my face needs at the end of a long day!  I’ve also been known to grab this on mornings when I’m in a particular rush as it sinks in faster than any other I’ve tried, making it the perfect make-up base.

I also use additional treatments, oils and masks on my skin, especially at this time of year, which I’ll share with you in a separate post or this one will go on forever!

Is your evening skincare routine a pleasure or a chore?





Bourjois AW 2013 + Color Edition 24h Cream Eye Shadow Review


I’m all over the rich, muted tones of this week’s Autumnal releases by Bourjois. 

The highlight is a new formula for the brand: 24h eye shadows - cream-to-powder metallic formulas in six shades, of which I have three to share: 02 Or Désir, 03 Pétale de Glace and 05 Prune Nocturne.  Also above are 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in It's Raining Stars and a gorgeous new Color Boost Lip Crayon in Plum Russian. More of the latter another day; for now I want to focus on the eye colours.

I had high hopes for these as Bourjois’ cream blush releases were so impressive.  I expected the formula to be comparable to Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but these are a completely different category.  The slightly bouncy gel like texture reminds me of Chanel Illusion D’Ombres, though the finish on the eye is more sheer and less buildable - on a par with Clinique Lid Smoothies but longer lasting.


I must have taken 50 pics to try and capture the true colours of these. These three work beautifully together with Or Desir on the lid, Prune Nocturne in the crease and outer corner and Petale de Glace on the brow bone.  Prune Nocturne is my favourite of the three and the most unique.



  • Top - heavy finger swatches
  • Bottom left - brush swatches - this is more true to the colour achieved when applied all over the lid.
  • Bottom right - brush swatches with flash - the sparkle is quite fine and day-friendly, but there’s lots of it there and it really shows up under direct light.

If you’re after heavily pigmented cream shadows, Maybelline is your friend, but for an easy-to-wear, long lasting everyday eye - or base for deeper tones - I’m really enjoying these.

Bourjois Colour Edition 24h Cream Eye Shadows*, £6.99 each.  I wasn’t sure if these were available yet and after a quick browse I’m a little confused as this looks like them, but the colours and shade names are different? Anyone spotted them in-store?

Do you like the look of these?



Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow


I’ve been loving this product over the Summer and was reminded how beautiful it was when I tried it again this week. Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow is an incredibly luxurious body exfoliant that leaves my skin as smooth as it’s ever been. Ever.

“Mineral rich salts and hibiscus cleanse and exfoliate, whilst an infusion of exotic Tahitian monoi oil and frangipani flowers seal in moisture.”

I expected the texture to be much more gritty, but it’s actually quite fine - much moreso than Neom’s luxury scrub (review).  This is thick and waxy with fine grains that don’t scratch at the skin, yet remove dry surface cells so effectively that I can’t stop stroking my arms afterwards.  If you’ve smelt Elemis Frangipani Monoi before, you’ll know it’s an absolutely swoony sensual scent - amazing for this time of year as it’s so rich and warm.  


I love the chunky kilner style jar, which means not a drop leaks out and the precious contents remain air tight and intact.  Immediately after use, I find that this leaves a slight oily feeling on my skin, though not excessively - enough to leave it look glowing but not greasy if that makes sense? I’m happy to dress straight after use and definitely don’t feel the need for a body moisturiser.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow is an absolute treat for the senses and one I save when I’m in need of some properly luxurious pampering, available here.  If you’re an Elemis fan and fancy stocking up, they have a 4 for 3 offer until 4 Oct, among other deals here.

Which products do you reach for when you really want to pamper yourself? ‘Tis the season for it!

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