5 Pink Beauties for Breast Cancer Awareness

Aveda-Hand-Relief-PinkRibbon-BCA  Marie-Reynolds-PinkRibbon-Massage-Candle Nails-Inc-Pinkie-Pink-BCA-2013Pink-GlamGlow Pink-Genie-Bra 

Every year more and more beauty brands support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is fantastic - and this year I’ve decided to feature five products that I’ve tried, loved and can 100% recommend.  If you choose to buy them this month and support this very special cause, then all the better. 

I first discovered Aveda Hand Relief around 10 years ago and it’s incredibly nourishing and moisturising, with an invigorating rosemary and mint aroma. £2 of every BCA Hand Relief sold will support cruelty free research throughout the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - find it here.

Marie Reynolds candles both scent your home beautifully and can be used as luxurious massage balms before they re-solidify. Faith has a lovely uplifting fragrance as well as skin softening properties thanks to Bergamot, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Cocoa & Shea Butters, to name a few.  £1 from each sale goes to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, a generous gesture from a young business - link.

For 2013 Nails Inc Pinkie Pink comes in two special bottle deigns by Matthew Williamson and Poppy Delevingne.  This is the most sparkly pink glitter polish I have ever come across and would make a lovely pressie for someone.  £1 per purchase goes to Breast Cancer Campaign - find out more and get yours here.

GlamGlow face mask has been a favourite of mine since it first launched for a truly deep, exfoliating pore cleanse… and I can think of no better vessel to house its seaweed muddiness than a shiny pink & silver tub! 25% of every purchase of GlamGlow Cure Sexy will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer (that’s impressive!) - find out more.

Last but by no means least is the Pink Genie Bra. I’ve written about these before as the most comfortable wouldn’t-think-you-were-wearing-one bra.  If you’re bigger than an C cup and like a little extra support at night, you need one of these; you’ll never go back to those secret support tops.  Available from BHS here, £1 per bra will be donated to Breast Cancer Care.

Read more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month here.

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