ME | I live in Belfast where I work as a freelance writer, blogger and social media consultant for beauty brands. 

MY BLOG | Strawberry Blonde Beauty began as an occasional creative outlet and quickly evolved into my passion, a place where I can discuss the products I believe in with other women. I've used the best makeup & skincare I can afford for 20+ years (occasionally surviving on baked beans in the name of a Chanel lipstick) & picked up a few tricks along the way. I'm older than your average blogger, but hopefully you won't hold that against me; I probably have the same beauty hang ups (& more) as you. I test products thoroughly before reviewing (esp skincare) & only ever recommend what I truly believe in. My best friends and family read this blog; I'm not about to suggest that any of them buy a dud! 

YOU | It completely makes my day to hear that you've discovered a product you love via my blog.  I know what an overwhelming (& expensive) minefield the beauty industry can be and hope that sharing my experiences helps you find the best products for you.

Interaction with you is what drives me, so thank you for being here. Please leave a comment on my blog, Facebook or Twitter, no matter how daft you think it sounds. It's always reassuring to know that someone out there is reading - and if there's anything you'd like me to feature, I'm all ears! 

Nic x

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  • I'm a beauty lover but don't claim to be an expert
  • Not everything that works for me will work for you, so please do your own research and patch test. Promise me you'll never buy foundation without trying it in person, in natural light, preferably over a few days (foundation mistakes are the worst!)
  • I get sent beauty products for potential review by brands and PRs - & if I love them, I'll tell you about them. While the source of a product does not affect my opinion or blog content, I rarely focus on the negatives, because really... life's too short and there are too many lipsticks.
  • I occasionally accept sponsored posts - and only ever on products or topics that I am happy to endorse. Paid content is always clearly labelled, so you never have to wonder.
  • I often use 100 words when 10 would do. If you're still reading, thank you for accepting this weakness.

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