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This is the first of a new ‘In My Shower’ series, where I’ll feature my current hair & body loves.  I hereby reserve the right to switch it to In My Bath as we progress into Winter (& my bath tap gets fixed - it currently flies off and whooshes water everywhere… think hot water, home alone, stopcock behind Christmas tree in dark corner of attic. I may have been a little flustered!)

Back to lovely pampering products, which is what this is all about!  I don’t know about you, but my showers tend to veer from 2 minute affairs while the coffee is brewing… I’ll just have a quick shower, then watch a few YT vids with a coffee - to full-on buffing, soothing and replenishing sessions. This trio falls somewhere in the middle and fits in to an average everyday routine.


No matter what, I always start with washing my hair, so that I can leave conditioner on while I do the rest.  Bed Head Recharge is a clarifying shampoo, which removes pollutants, sweat and product build-up from the hair.  I tend to use it once a week for this purpose, though I don’t think it would do any harm to use it more regularly… I just like to change shampoos depending on how my hair is behaving on a particular day! I’ll follow this with the vitamin and antioxidant enriched Recharge conditioner from the same range.  Unlike some clarifying products, these don’t leave my hair feeling stripped, squeaky or dried out… instead they add shine and the sweet scent of Sweet Orange, Wild Raspberry and Vanilla.  (ps I love the rounded top bottle shape!)


Once a week I like to give my hair an extra boost with a mask, recently in the form of Organic Surge 2 minute Moisture Mask. Silicone free, this contains pure coconut oil and plant extracts to nourish my dehydrated frizzbomb back to something resembling hair.  I love 3 things about this: it’s made with natural ingredients, it only takes 2 mins & it leaves my hair soft & gently scented with coconut - what’s not to love?!  A normal person could probably skip their regular conditioner when using this… I find it quite light (probably perfect for fine hair) and tend to need a double whammy, so use it after my regular conditioner!


During those two minutes I’ll treat myself to the completely heavenly scent of Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash (formerly Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod). Hands up, this is a luxury, but one that I think is totally justifiable!  On a practical level, the bottle is huge; I use a drop the size of a 10p each morning and after six weeks, you can see how little it has gone down.  A cheaper shower gel will do the job, but I love how this lifts my spirits and makes me feel amazing on a cold, groggy morning.  Pink Pepperpods, ginger and patchouli create a warm, softly spiced scent that’s perfect for Autumn and makes my whole upstairs smell divine… possibly because I layer this up with the matching body lotion - super light, softening and sinks in before I get dressed - perfect. 

Do you like to pamper yourself in the shower - or are you more of a wash & go gal? (if anyone else is old enough to remember *that* advert, please leave me a comment below to make me feel better!)

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