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I’ve just spotted that Cult Beauty is giving away a rather lovely goody bag with orders over £60 at the moment, which is apparently running out fast, so if you need to stock up, now’s a good time.  If you haven’t yet discovered Cult Beauty, you’re in for a treat - it stocks some amazing brands that you won’t find elsewhere in the UK, including many of my beauty staples. Here are just a few that make it into my routine weekly if not daily…


Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01

After hearing what seemed like everyone rave about this cult perfume, I treated myself to the 30ml travel size from Cult Beauty last year.  This is supposed to smell differently on everyone and while some find it woody; to me it’s quite a soft, yet fresh feel-good scent that’s completely unlike anything else I’ve tried.  I love to wear it alone or layered with something more heady or spicy as I find it balances out other fragrances beautifully.  NB the travel size comes without a lid, just to save you looking for it like I did ;)


Alpha H Liquid Gold

One of my first skincare discoveries when I began blogging and still a staple as my ultimate skin refiner and ‘overnight facial in a bottle!’.  Thanks to Kenneth Soh and Caroline Hirons for introducing me to this product way back then and convincing me to buy it (my original review)!

Anastasia-covetwaterproofeyelinerset anastasia_browwiz

Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eyeliner and Brow Wiz

If you only discover one new brand on Cult Beauty, let this be it.  These eyeliners normally sell for £16 each, but you can try this full set for just £23…  I’m assuming they’re mini sized, but still!  I adore these and can’t rate them highly enough - twist-up (no sharpening!), gorgeous shades that are velvety soft yet long lasting (see my swatches). 

I’m always raving about Brow Wiz - the perfect brow tool and an MUA favourite. Think I’m on my 6th, which I can’t say about any other make-up product!  The lightest shade is perfect for blondes (review & swatch towards end of this post).


Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner

A fairly recent discovery for me and one that I’m using pretty much daily, this spray-on brush cleaner instantly removes product (including foundation) from brushes ensuring that they stay clean and hygienic.  Quick and easy to use - just spray and wipe with kitchen roll - and much cheaper than buying multiples of the same brush as you’re good to go again immediately!  Obviously I recommend deep cleaning brushes weekly, but this has been a godsend for regular use.


NCLA Fowl Play Nail Wraps

I love the NCLA brand and their nail wraps are the easiest to work with that I’ve tried.  Fowl Play is a new release and the most stunning I’ve seen - I think these would look amazing as an accent nail or on every nail if you’re game! 


Have you tried any of these products?

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