Eye Makeup that Lasts all Day (& Night)


Lots of you have asked for a post on longwear eye makeup, particularly those who (like me) have hooded eyes.  I almost wrote who ‘suffer from’ hooded eyes - as that’s what it feels like a lot of the time.  Mine have been naturally hooded since I was quite young, but time has not been kind to them - and often products which look immaculate when freshly applied, smudge or transfer to my brow bone over a period of time - sometimes minutes, sometimes hours.

Whether or not you are a ‘sufferer’, we all like products that last well and still look fresh at the end of a busy day.  Here are some that I’ve tested thoroughly and work well for me.  A couple not included here as I’ve run out recently, are Nars Larger than Life Eyeliner and Urban Decay Primer Potion - both brilliant products and worth a mention before I forget about them!

Quite a few to get through here, so I’ll try to be brief and will tell you my favourites at the end.



Got to start with primer & this little cutie is a recent discovery that has totally WOWed me! Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper comes in a cute circular turquoise pot (mine is a mini sample size) and works like any other. Less is more - dab a little on, blend in and apply shadow. I find that shadows appear more smooth, pigmented and remain immaculate until removed with this baby as a base.  I tried to swatch it, but really it’s invisible on the skin.  One touch on my fingertip is enough for each eye - I’ve used it quite a lot of times even though it looks barely touched.

Revlon_Eye_Pimer Revlon_Eye_Pimer_swatch

Revlon Photoready Eye Primer acts as a concealer, primer and illuminator, giving some coverage.  Perhaps not quite as long eyeshadow hold as the Limecrime, but a great all rounder. Reviewed in full here.


Personally I find that cream based eye products have more lasting power than powders, especially when used without a primer.  Here are a couple of the best I’ve tried…

11-040 Clinique_Lid_SmoothieClinique_Lid_Smoothie_Gingerly_Currant_swatch

Clinique Lid Smoothies are genius little tubes of shimmery colour that cool your lids on application thanks to a metal applicator, as you can see above right.  This is soooo soothing on tired morning eyes - I just love using it. Ginger-ly, a soft golden peach is really pretty all over the lid for a bright eyed, wide awake everyday look, while Currant Affair adds a little more depth and definition. As you can see in the swatches, both can be blended out for a light wash of colour or built up for a more dramatic finish.  I find these work best with a primer for the built up effect, but last beautifully alone when blended out.

Colour_Tattoo_Permanent_Taupe Maybelline_Color_Tattoo_Immortal_CharcoalMaybelline_Color_Tattoo_Swatches

Maybelline Color Tattoo has become a bit of a cult product, renowned for amazing pigmentation and lasting power. I wear Permanent Taupe a lot (today in fact) - it’s the perfect mushroomy tone for me and works brilliantly with tonnes of other colours.  Immortal Charcoal has a slight shimmer and is great blended out for a smokey eye. These are quite a dense cream - much moreso than the Clinique -they almost feel more like a gel eyeliner in texture and do.not.budge (on me!).


Estee_Lauder_Liquid_Liner (3) Estee_Lauder_Liquid_LinerEstee_Lauder_Liquid_Liner (2) Estee_Lauder_Liquid_Liner_Graphite_Bronze_swatch

You know when you try a beauty product and wonder how you ever managed without it? That’s how I feel about Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner.  I’ve been using either the bronze or graphite pretty much every day and will definitely pick up another couple of colours. The nib is firm with just enough give; the colour glows and catches the light without looking OTT for daytime. It’s quite buildable and works well for a dramatic flick, but has a softness that can be more flattering (esp on older eyes) than black. It is actual love.

27-NYX_The_Curve_Liquid_Liner_review (5)28-NYX_The_Curve_Liquid_Liner_review (9)

If drama and a matte finish are more your thing, try NYX The Curve, ergonomically designed for each of use.  This leaves an inky black line that lasts and lasts - brilliant! Full review here.

Laura_Mercier_Caviar_Stick_KhakiLaura_Mercier_Caviar_Stick Laura_Mercier_Caviar_Stick_Khaki_swatch

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick is a thick, crayon shaped creamy liner-stroke-eyeshadow which comes in amazing colours and I adore it. Once set, this is utterly budge proof. Apologies that these pics aren’t great - they were taken when I bought it last year but I wanted to include this as it’s an amazing product. I’d like a slimmer version as it’s a touch thick for liner, though I do use it with a brush too. It also works great drawn all over the lid and blended out with a brush for a really cool smokey look… sets pretty fast though so not a lot of time to work with.


Clinique_Mascara 15-053

Clinique Lash Power Mascara is a longwearing formula with the most gorgeous silky texture. It’s the inkiest black mascara I’ve tried and the slim brush is great to work with. I find it coats each lash beautifully and leaves them feeling super soft.  Despite its great lasting power, it’s a total breeze to remove!


GOSH Catchy Eyes is a fab budget friendly mascara with a neat little rubberised wand, curved to fit the shape of your lashline perfectly.  Every single lash is coated with this and it gives brilliant length. Love it!

Brow Pencil

Anastasia_Brow_Wiz_BlondeAnastasia_Brow_Wiz_Blonde (3) Anastasia_Brow_Wiz_Blonde_swatch

Anastasia Brow Wiz is another life changer for me.  Highly recommended by makeup artists, it’s a fine twist up pencil with a spoolie for evening out product and tidying your brows at one end. Mine is Ash Blonde, the.perfect.shade for blondes. No red/orange tones, just a cool soft brown - love! Wish I could find a cheaper version, but until I do, I’m sticking with this!

Price List

Limecrime Eyeshadow Helper £13 here

Revlon Photoready Eye Primer £9.99 here

Clinique Lid Smoothies* £17 here

Maybelline Color Tattoo £5.49 here

Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Eyeliner £20 here

NYX The Curve* £12.50 here 

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick £20.50 here

Clinique Lash Power Mascara £16 here

GOSH Catchy Eyes Mascara £7.49 Superdrug (not online)

Anastasia Brow Wiz £15.50 here

If I were to choose just a few from the above, the absolute longest lasting formulas are: Limecrime Primer (which you could use to make any eyeshadow already in your collection last all day), Laura Mercier Caviar Stick and Clinique Lash Power Mascara.

The end!

What are your favourite all day eye products?  I’ll be doing a most on longwear face makeup next!


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