NYX The Curve: Mistake-Proof Liquid Eye Liner?

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Hands up if you’re nervous about using liquid eyeliner?  NYX The Curve is a liquid eye liner that has been ergonomically designed to make application mistake-proof, even for those who usually struggle to apply liquid liner.  That includes me - and probably lots of you!

Here’s how it looks…

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The lid slides off to reveal a felt tip end, with a perfectly sharp point. The whole thing is lightweight and fits neatly in the palm of the hand.  Paraben and formaldehyde free, it is water resistant and smudge proof (I’ve checked!), yet comes off easily with makeup remover and does not stain the skin.

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A little bit like a mini marker pen, The Curve has a felt tip nib and curved ‘body’, which fits perfectly into  the hand, while your index finger rests along the top for complete control. 

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The nib is a perfect length with just a small amount of flexibility - enough to let you choose the thickness of line, but not so much that it over-wobbles! I definitely feel that I have more control with this than any other liquid liner I’ve tried.

How to Curve (according to NYX):

Start from inner corner of eye. Draw a thin line to the outer corner. Then draw upward toward the end of brow. Bring line down to meet the outer corner of eye again. Thicken as desired by going over it a few more times.

I found that I was able to get very close to the lashline with this product and found it easiest to start with the lashline, do the highest point, then colour it in. I’ve also had a play with thicker lines - this one is relatively timid but I wanted you to see how it looked with my first time!

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I don’t normally use black liner, so fingers crossed that NYX brings this out in different colours - I would love it in brown, grey or bronze!  Separate post coming up this week with a full makeup look built around ‘Curvy’ eyes.

The introductory price for The Curve* is £12.50 at NYX LINK 

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