Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers for Big Glam Curls & Volume!

Enrapture Heated Rollers

I love big full-on bouncy curls for special occasions when I want to feel really glam, which Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers help me achieve with minimum time and effort.  They heat up in a couple of minutes, take me about 10 mins to put in, 10 mins to do their magic & another 5 mins to remove, so roughly half an hour in total from start to finish.

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The rollers come in a plastic case, where they are both heated in situ and stored, with a clear lid to keep dust out and a compartment at the back to store the cord.  The following pics give an idea of what they look like close up and how they function.  

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As you can see above, each roller is covered with a velvety felt - and the slot in the side means they heat right through to the core. The inside of the clip also heats up, so each section of hair is heated right through. I think this heat on all sides is partly what helps achieve a smooth glossy finish on the curl.

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The case, rollers and clips are all there is to this set, making it extremely compact and simple to use - no separate pins or faffing about required. 

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The self-heating case takes literally a couple of minutes max to reach full temperature, which is VERY hot!  I must admit I did burn my fingers quite a few times when using these, so would recommend either avoiding the edges (just touch the velvet bit) or using a heat protective glove (I already had one from another hair tool). 

I found it easiest to hold the roller at the root of my hair and twist the hair around it, rather than trying to wind it up from the ends of my hair, though the latter might be easier with shorter hairstyles.  I’d also suggest not twisting the hair, which gives more of a wriggly wave effect rather than smooth curls (unless that’s what you’re after!). I much preferred the finish from the bigger rollers; the smaller ones obviously give a tighter curl, though you can just use bigger sections of hair to avoid this.

084 Enrapture Heated Rollers (7) Enrapture Heated Rollers (2)Enrapture Heated Rollers (3) Enrapture Heated Rollers (4)

On this occasion I left the rollers in 15-20 minutes until they had almost completely cooled. My hair ‘takes’ curls easily as it has a natural wave.  You could always leave the rollers in a bit longer, though I’m not sure that it would make any difference to the finished effect once they have cooled and personally I would find it a bit uncomfortable to have them in longer. 

Enrapture Heated Rollers (5) Enrapture Heated Rollers (6)

As you can see, they add volume, waves and curl.  I didn’t use any additional styling products on this occasion as I wanted to see how the rollers performed on their own, which I was really impressed by.  As my lack of makeup and grey t-shirt illustrate, this wasn’t a special occasion (sorry I should really have got more glammed up for these pics!) but if I was going out and really wanted the curls to look perfect and last, I’d use styling products such as Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Curls Curl Creator for heat protection and finish with Osis Freeze or Operation Glam Strike a Pose hair spray to hold the curls in place.

Trevor-Sorbie_curl_constructor OSIS_Freeze_Finish_Hairspray lulu-operation-glam-strike-a-pose-modeling-hair-spray

Have you tried any Enrapture styling products?  I’ve read lots of great reviews about the Encode Totem Styler, which seems particularly versatile compared to other heated wands.

You can read more about Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers on the website here or at Urban Retreat’s Beautique here.  While they are definitely an investment at £74.99, I think it says it all that they come with a ‘Love it or your money back’ 30 day policy (terms apply) and a 3 year guarantee!

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