My Evening Skincare Routine


Unlike my manic on-the-go morning routine, my evening skincare is a more of a pampering ritual.  Sure there are times when I’m knackered and it feels like a chore, but generally speaking, I find the whole thing quite soothing - and I know that once it’s over I can properly relax for the evening.  With the nights getting darker, I tend to go into hibernation mode a bit earlier than in Summer, aiming for face-off and in my PJs by around 9pm. Sometimes I’ll even do this around 8pm when the children have just gone to bed.  Either way, I recommend doing your evening skincare earlier than bedtime, when you just want to crash and are likely to take less time and care over it.  Plus there’s something lovely about just stumbling up the stairs and into bed…

Back to my routine, which goes something like this…

I often use cleansers which can be used on the eyes, but prefer to remove the bulk of eye make-up first, not least in the interest of avoiding mascara all over my nice white Washi Cloths.  In recent months, my favourite has been M2 Beaute Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover - for its water like consistency that feels super gentle on tired eyes, yet removes product effortlessly.

I’ve been blown away by the Ark Skincare: Remove Pre Skin Cleanse, which takes away all traces of make-up and Age Maintain, which deep cleanses my skin.  The light, gel-like consistency and pump bottle make these quick and easy to use; they feel incredible on my skin and leave it feeling impeccably clean, yet not at all stripped.  If you’re a fan of double cleansing - or not yet convinced - I think you’ll adore these.  The range caters to different skin types and ages in a way that really makes sense.

After cleansing, I treat my skin with La Roche Posay Redermic R, an intense, retinol-based anti-ageing product, which stimulates collagen and elastin to firm and smooth the skin. Unlike many retinol products, this is deemed suitable even for sensitive skins and mine is absolutely loving it.

I spoke about Functionalab moisturiser in my morning skincare routine post - and for evening use, I have been equally impressed by the Functionalab Eye Contour Serum with peptides to hydrate, lift and brighten. I pat one little pump of this around my eye contour with a ring finger before going to sleep - and of all the eye creams I’ve tried, think this one has addressed my crow’s feet the most effectively.  They haven’t gone, but they’re less obvious.  Functionalab skincare is designed to be used alongside the brand’s targeted ‘Beauty Dose’ supplements, from collagen boosters to body toners. I haven’t yet tried these, but imagine that the skincare results would be maximised by using them together.

My final step is skin-plumping Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream for rejuvenated skin, which is just what my face needs at the end of a long day!  I’ve also been known to grab this on mornings when I’m in a particular rush as it sinks in faster than any other I’ve tried, making it the perfect make-up base.

I also use additional treatments, oils and masks on my skin, especially at this time of year, which I’ll share with you in a separate post or this one will go on forever!

Is your evening skincare routine a pleasure or a chore?




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