Hair Heroes: Alterna Kendi, Unite 7 Seconds, Philip Kingsley One More Day

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Spray-on hair styling products are my absolute favourite kind, mainly as hair is always my last getting-ready step (I prioritise make-up as hair can always be tied up in emergencies; faces can’t and balaclavas aren’t a good look where I come from).  The reason I like a spray is because when my hair is done, I want to get up and go.  I don’t want to spend time washing sticky gunk off my hands when a taxi is invariably blasting its horn outside.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist is easily my greatest hair discovery of the year.  While Alterna’s line up already includes a number of hair oils, including Kendi dry oil mist, Kendi dry oil Micromist is the new, extra light version, suitable for very fine hair, thanks to a weightless, feather light formula.  First up, I adore the slightly-70s-yet-sexy packaging, which looks like something a Bond girl might whip out of her clutch.  The spray is - as the name suggests - uber fine and does not weigh hair down, neither does it look or feel oily.  It does add softness and shine while taming frizz and flyaways - and provides gentle definition.  I focus on the lower lengths of my hair and find it works well on both wet and dry hair (or both).   This is a good thing as it smells so good I want to spritz it regularly (it’s expensive - don’t do this!) - thanks to citrus, lily, freesia, orchid, osmanthus, sheer musks and transparent woods!

It’s the one.   Find it here.


UNITE 7 Seconds Condition - If you don’t have the time or inclination for a lot of faffing around with hair products, you will love this product.  A brilliant all-rounder, it’s a detangler, UV, thermal and colour protector - and as the name suggests, gets to work fast.  I use this on days when I don’t have time to style my hair to detangle and protect before going for a quick upside-down blast and scrunch.  I’ll also use it on the ends between washes for a little spritz of softness, shine and feel-good fragrance. In 7 seconds.

Still not sure?  It comes in a cute handbag sized bottle for around a fiver, here.


Philip Kingsley One More Day is a new release that slipped into my basket during a recent Feel Unique haul. I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo to add a little oompf to my up-dos between washes and this one certainly provides that.  It works like a regular dry shampoo on second day hair, but is less powdery than other formulas I’ve tried, so I wouldn’t recommend it for day 3 (I know I know, as if you would ever! *guilty*). This baby is very much a volumiser as well as a dry shampoo - in fact I’m more inclined to use it for this purpose (although UNITE Root Boost is my volumiser of choice for *really* big hair).  If you don’t want to raise the roof, but do like to add texture and a little va va voom, this one is for you.

Also available in 50ml or full size here.


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