Home Detox Spa: Malin+Goetz, Neom, & Miss Patisserie


It’s freezing outside, not much on the tv and there’s a pile of beauty treatments in the bathroom - what’s a girl to do?  Candlelit mini home spa session anyone?  The detox word is bandied about a lot early every January when I’m still in a festive fog with a stash of chocolate, snacks & vino calling my name from the cupboard.  A few weeks in and I’m starting to replace all of that with a healthy dose of fruit, veg and water, while working on restoring my skin, which has definitely shown the ‘neglect effect’. 

This is where a mini detox disguised as major pampering kicked in…


While running a bath filled with a generous handful of Kneipp Lavender Balancing Mineral Bath Salts (post here), I applied the Malin+Goetz Detox Face Mask, which I’m more than a little besotted with.  Unlike any face mask I’ve used before, this creamy mousse almost fizzes on my skin - it’s the most amazing tingling sensation as it gets to work. Amino acids, almond extract, vitamins C&E and soy protein purify, sooth and firm, deep cleansing pores and sealing in hydration.  There’s none of that squeaky tightness, just lovely soft, clean skin. I could get addicted to this.

Reluctantly I rinse it off, feeling rather chilled with the Kneipp lavender vapours filling the room and turned my attention to these pretties…


How sweet are these candy coloured Miss Patisserie French Monaco Macaroon Bath Bombs, topped with real pressed flowers?!  Before getting in, I popped one into the bath and watched it fizz, creating my own heavenly scented, cocoa butter enriched mini spa…


I have a pink floral bath mat… the bath bombs don’t turn the water pink, sadly. I do love a candlelit bath, but am not one to languor all evening, much as I love the idea, so I soon got to work with my Neom body scrub…


I’m a long term lover of Neom, but this was my first dabbling with its Real Luxury fragrance filled with pure essential oils of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood in an organic sugar base. Neom’s new hero product, the scrub is made with 97% certified organic ingredients and leaves skin ridiculously soft, moisturised and pampered. 

So much so in fact that I postponed using the Jardins D’Eden Detox Heavenly Butter until the next morning.  The Neom does leave a light coating of oil on the skin (in a nice way!), so is best saved for evening use to allow it to soak into your skin as you sleep. I’ve already raved about the Jardin D’Eden here - it was great for an invigorating early morning wake up call after a deep night’s sleep from all that pampering!

Do you ever take time out to really chill and pamper yourself?  This was a particularly indulgent experience for me… a few drops of lavender oil and an Ikea tea light or two is all it really takes!

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