Orla Kiely Geranium Handwash


As someone who washes her hands a ridiculous number of times per day (I’m not OCD; I have two small children & work from home) I’ve got into the habit of keeping a posh handwash on the kitchen windowsill. A welcome step up from the dregs of a fairy liquid bottle, it’s made this most mundane of tasks feel like a semi treat and makes me smile when I’m near the kitchen window.

It’s the little things…

I’m a great believer in this theory, because for me it’s true.

Every other sink in the house has regular Dove, Carex or M&S at a push, but I’m the only one who uses the.posh.kitchen.sink.soap.  My children can’t reach it.  My husband is scared to touch my potions as he’s never quite sure what they’re for.


This pretty Orla Kiely bottle will last me for several months and its fresh floral fragrance is as lovely as the packaging suggests. (Plus the colours kind of match my kitchen tiles).  One of my favourite local gift shops, Urban Orchard in Holywood, stock Orla Kiely, or it’s available in numerous places online.

Anyone else treat themselves to the odd little thing that they enjoy using every single day?

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