A-England She Walks in Beauty: Rose Gold Glitter Polish


I’m such a magpie when it comes to glitter nail polishes. I must buy them even though I rarely wear them. Not only are they OTT for everyday wear, there’s the whole faff of removal.  One of my favourite colour combinations is pink and gold. Pink+gold+glitter = swoonsome.  Add a name like ‘She Walks in Beauty’ and there’s no hope for me at all. 

So anyway, I had to have this polish, one of two I purchased from A-England, a brand that I’ve heard nothing but praise for and drooled over many swatches of online.  I still think it’s gorgeous, but just not quite what I had in mind… have a look and tell me what you think.


I’m wearing it here over OPI Sparrow me the Drama, to provide more of a pink feel to it.  You see I thought it would be gold glitter in a pink base, or equal pink & gold glitter, but it’s actually a dense fine gold glitter base with chunks of big gold glitter and a smattering of big pink glitter. The pink in Sparrow me the Drama is very similar, so they work well together. My pinkie shows how dense two coats look; the rest just have one coat of glitter.


A quick look from another angle in today’s fleeting sunshine (please 'scuse the tipwear as I actually painted them yesterday - in a hurry and didn’t use topcoat. Tsk.)

I do think She Walks in Beauty is gorgeous; it’s just not what I’d hoped for in that twinkly corner of my head...


ps isn't the bottle just gorgeous?!

pps if you fancy a closer look at more pics of OPI Sparrow me the Drama, I reviewed it here - it’s a gorgeous pink.

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