Priti NYC Cotton Sprig - After the Snow #NOTD

Priti NYC Cotton Sprig

I’ve had Cotton Sprig from Priti NYC’s appropriately named After the Snow collection in my stash for a while and not worn it as I was a little unsure of the tone, which I’m delighted turned out to be the most lush chocolate brown and perfect for this time of year,

Priti NYC Cotton Sprig Priti NYC Cotton Sprig

Even better, it is one of the hardest wearing polishes I’ve ever tried. I’m now on day 4 and it still looks great which is seriously a miracle for me. I’ll remove it tomorrow as I’m heading out to a party and want something that will work with my LBD (any suggestions?).

Celtic Sheepskin jumper

I think it looks really nice from a distance - dark and glossy - and works well with a cosy jumper. This one is from Celtic Sheepskin, which fellow long armed girls will be delighted to know seem to specialise in extra long sleeves - win!! (This is seriously exciting if you’re used to them being half way up your arm!)

Priti NYC Cotton Sprig

Cotton Sprig actually has a very subtle fine shimmer, which I couldn’t capture in the nail pics, so here it is in the bottle. It just adds to the glossiness rather than looking shimmery, unless in direct light - or sunlight I imagine - hopefully I’ll get to test that theory sooner rather than later!

It’s a lighter brown than Nubar Swiss Chocolate, seen in my Minstrel Nails post, but deeper and richer than Essie Very Structured, post here.

Priti NYC polishes are available at CutECOsmetics for £8.95 each

Are you a fan of chocolatey brown nails?

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