Swiss Chocolate NOTD by Nubar ~ Minstrel Nails


Nubar Swiss Chocolate is one of my all-time favourite nailpolishes. I actually think my nails look like chocolate Minstrels in it - the exact same dark glossy brown. I had a bag I was going to photograph a handful of to illustrate this but it’s now lying empty next to me on the sofa (oops) so you must buy your own just to check!


I’ve talked about Nubar polishes on here before - they are Big Three free (ie contain no nail nasties), and come in an amazingly thick and creamy highly pigmented formula that applies beautifully.  I applied Orly Polishield over the top purely for longevity and to protect my mani, but Nubar is very glossy on its own.


I had lots of compliments while wearing this, mainly along the lines of ‘dark and sophisticated but richer and more interesting than black’.  Speaking of which, I was aghast last week when my gorgeous friend Tania (hello if you’re reading!xx) told me she now has her toenails done in black Shellac EVERY time - imagine all the amazing colours she’s missing out on? - I just couldn’t!

Swiss Chocolate is available from Beauty Bay for £5.50 15ml (mine was via US ebay before Nubar was available in UK, but this is a great price!)

What nail colours are you loving at the moment?

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