Pur Minerals Skincare: Be Firm & Tone Up!


Anna - a friend & fan of all things natural - tested these products on my behalf as I was trialling other skincare when sent these for review.  I hadn’t realised that Pur Minerals did skincare - check out the natural green and red tones of these products!

Here are Anna’s thoughts on the products after one month of daily use…


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Be Firm: Complete Facial Serum
I was initially surprised at the watery texture of the serum as I was expecting a thicker, more gel like consistency, although when I realised that this is water based it made sense and I was glad to be putting a more natural product on my skin.  It instantly had a cooling and tightening effect and felt good. The smell, or lack of it, took me a while to get used to… I like putting on things that smell gorgeous but this was not one of those. It left a slight tacky feeling on my hands after I had put it on, which wasn't pleasant, so I felt I had to wipe my hands after applying it.

I do believe this serum has helped my normal to oily skin. My pores seem smaller and skin definitely feels firmer. I would use this product again only for the skin benefits but the consistency, smell and tackiness would put me off.

Tone Up: Total Eye Fitness
I was happy to use a product that doesn't sting the skin around my eyes. It feels really lovely to put on and does not leave a residue. I have noticed a difference, the under-eye darkness has reduced and my eyes are not as puffy. I would recommend this gel and would definitely use it again.

Thanks for taking the time to test and review these so thoroughly, Anna! x

Pur Minerals Tone Up Total Eye Fitness, £25 is available at M&S here and Be Firm Complete Facial Serum, £32.50 here.

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