REN Rosa Centifolia No1 Purity Cleansing Balm: Review


I think I’ve found the perfect cleansing balm. No1 Purity Cleansing Balm is a new addition to REN’s Rosa Centifolia cleansing range, with 100% natural Rose Extract Complex to tone, soften and soothe while cleansing. And that’s exactly what it does.

Reasons I love it:

  • Lightweight squeezey tube with flip-up lid is quick, easy and hygienic to use
  • Skin-kind natural ingredients… ahhh
  • That ‘just perfect’ rose scent; rosy enough for you to know that it’s rose, yet gentle and delicate
  • The light texture that’s *just* solid enough to be balmy yet immediately softens on contact with warm skin and feels delicious when massaged in.
  • It works. It removes all of my make-up and leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and fresh (not taut).
  • Rinses off easily with a flannel or the muslin provided (don’t chuck the box until you’ve taken this out - been there done that).

The ease of removal is an important point for me. What I love about balms is that they feel like a treatment as well as a cleanser. I generally remove the bulk of my make-up first, then go in with a balm, massage it in, leave it on my skin while I potter, shower, clean teeth, whatevs (or not, according to how much time I have), then rinse off with a cloth and warm water.  Some (eg Balance Me) require a fair bit of effort to remove, which I guess brings its own benefits (scrupulous skin), but frankly, I’m lazy and love that this one washes away with as much ease as a cream cleanser.

I’ve been using this most evenings for one month now and my skin is looking and feeling very happy with itself.  This tube was provided for review and when it runs out I will replace it for sure.

The Rosa Centifolia™ range includes a cleansing foam, make-up removing milk, 3-in-1 cleansing water, cleansing balm, gel wash and an exfoliating polish, all available here.

I’ve tried very little from the REN range - this is the first since the Rose Otto shower gel a friend kindly bought me many years ago. Any other recs would be very welcome!



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