Murad Sun Undone Starter Kit

Murad_Sun_Undone_kit (2)

If you feel your skin has suffered from sun exposure this Summer then help is at hand… (and you were probably lucky enough to have had a holiday outside the UK!).  While sun damage can’t be completely reversed, Murad’s Sun Undone Starter Kit can help reduce it and reveal radiant, glowing skin.

Murad_Sun_Undone_kit (4)


The four products are:

  • Essential-C Cleanser 45 ml
  • Active Radiance Serum 10 ml
  • Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 I PA +++ 21 ml
  • Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 | PA++ 4 ml

I particularly love the Essential-C Day Moisture and Eye Cream, which I’ll repurchase in the full size when they’re done. The moisturiser feels gorgeous on the skin and is nourishing but not overly rich. It gives an instant radiant glow and has a gorgeous orangey scent.  Since using this range I’ve even been complimented on my skin and asked what I’m using, which does not happen every day!

The Kits

Murad Starter Kits

Priced at £29.99 (total value £81) I think these Starter Kits are good either for travel or to try out products before purchasing the full size.  You can see the whole range is HERE, where a couple of the sets are currently half price!

Do you worry about sun damage to your skin?


NYC Soft Smoky Eye Collection AW 2012

NYC Autumn Eyes 2012

NYC (New York Colour) has released a range of new Smoky Eye products for Autumn 2012 in a range of bright, yet soft and wearable tones.  It’s not a brand I have encountered often, but is extremely well priced and includes some little gems.

“This A/W’s smoky eye trend: less Karashian black, all about earthy muted tones of mosses and aubergine.”


NYC Autumn Eyes

My favourite of these four palettes is Best of Broadway, not just because these are my kind of colours, but the quality is particularly good in this set - it’s really well pigmented, particularly the two darker shades - and the texture is soft and creamy with not too much fallout.  The tones are just as sophisticated as much pricier products, particularly the bitter brown with aubergine undertones (2nd from top) which I love.

NYC Peach Fizz Lipstick swatch

I’ve been wearing this Peach Fizz lipstick a lot this week - a pretty pink which feels nice and creamy on. The eye pencils are slightly harder in texture than I’d like, but the colours are spot on.

The Look


Here are some of the colours modelled, with a deeper berry lip.  The nail polish collection is amazing - I’m totally in love with the Boundless Berry shade and will be back with more on that soon!


  • Metro Quartet Smoky Eyeshadow palettes: £2.99
  • Ultra Last Lipstick: £1.49
  • Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencils: £1.99
  • City Curls Curling Mascara: £2.49

You can find more info and check for local stockists at NYC Colour - the brand is also stocked at Superdrug but these items don’t appear to be on the website yet - it might be worth checking instore.

Have you ever tried NYC Cosmetics?

PR Samples


Day Birger et Mikkelsen: Day Ipomoea Necklace

Day Birger Necklace

I bought this Day Birger et Mikkelsen Ipomoea necklace towards the end of the Summer - and although I wore it a few times with maxi dresses and scoop neck tops, I think it will look even better as a Winter accessory with heavier fabrics and chunky knits. 

I love dull gold accessories and this beaten-out style with coin-like discs really appealed to me. (The fact that it was reduced to half price in the sale helped too.)  It was the first step of my new motto: buy a little of what I love and wear it often. 

Even the sale price (£39.99) was more than I’d normally spend on a piece of costume jewellery, which I’m more likely to pick up somewhere like Warehouse or Zara, but I must admit it feels a little more special putting this on and it can really make an outfit.

It’s all in the detail…

Day Birger (2)

Day Birger Gold coin necklace

I’ve just noticed the Ipomoea necklace is still available at MyWardrobe it looks nicer in the House of Fraser pics, but not as well reduced!  I’m now trying to resist the matching cuff!

Accessories are my other great love and a strong contender for my pennies alongside beauty products.  I really enjoy picking up new things at this time of year and am currently obsessively hunting for the perfect tan leather handbag and ankle boots.  Autumn/Winter purchases are so much more satisfying as you know you’ll get your money’s worth out of them!  Just as well it’s not too long ‘til my birthday and **** (can’t bear to type it)!

I hope you don’t mind if I stumble off topic onto accessories from time to time. You can see some of my favourites in the Style section of my Pinterest page, mostly aspirational of course!


Clarins Odyssey Eye Quartet Mineral Palette

Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches (5)

I knew I wanted Clarins Odyssey palette as soon as I caught my first glimpse of it.  If this was my only eyeshadow all Autumn/Winter/Fall I’d be quite content.  Obviously I try a lot of different products for review on this blog, but in pre blogging days, I was very much a believer in pared down makeup; I only ever had a small amount - one item each of things I loved, which I happily used daily.  If you live outside the Makeup Mayhem zone, to which beauty bloggers become accustomed (and no, of course it’s not all bad! ;) ), then I suggest you pick up one of these limited edition palettes when they launch next month.

Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches (3)

It comes encased in a heavy gold, beautifully embossed case and iconic red velvet pouch.  Let’s have a closer look inside…

Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches (4)

Pretty, isn’t it?  I just stared at it for ages when I first received it.  It’s not particularly out there, but in my view, is perfect in its simplicity and would suit every eye colour.  I love that a slightly larger amount is provided of the two main colours, leaving the darkest brown for shading and the beautiful gold for highlighting.


Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches (6)


The texture of the gold is unlike any eyeshadow I’ve tried before.  It falls somewhere between a powder, cream and gel. That’s helpful, huh? It’s not solid, but slightly soft and squidgy - and I find it works best if I lift a bit of it and smooth it onto my skin. It can be applied as a fine spray of sparkle or intensified for full on glamour as in this swatch, where it almost appears like gold leaf.

The lightest shade is a creamy champagne nude tone, with a slight luminous sheen that catches the light really nicely and opens up the eye.  The mid brown, which looks like a standard taupe in the palette has warm nutty, bronze tones on the skin.  The darkest brown is a gorgeously pigmented 100% matte bitter chocolate.

All have great, buildable colour payoff, zero fallout and are velvety smooth to apply.  They are long lasting on me, with minimal creasing (which is good on someone who barely has to blink for an eyeshadow to crease!).  I’ve also tried them with my new favourite primer, Lime crime Eyeshadow Helper {link}, which makes the colours stay immaculately true and smooth by the end of the day.

Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches (8)

Here I smeared a little of the gold over the other colours I’d swatched, to illustrate how it can be used to give them a metallic effect.  Odyssey is designed to be worn dry for a more natural look, or wet to intensify, but there are lots of ways you can play around with these basic shades to create your own preferred look.

Autumn Walk Eyes

Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches (2)

We’d just got back from a big walk in the park, where I found the first proper Autumn leaves I’ve stumbled across this year.   Here I applied the lightest shade on my lid, mid brown in the crease and the darkest brown to define the upper and lower lashline.  It’s a very soft, natural look that I’ve really enjoyed wearing - enough to add definition and dress the eyes for a daytime look that isn’t overdone.

My other makeup is the new Liz Earle Signature Foundation, Liz Earle bronzer to contour, Lily Lolo Beach Babe blush {review} (appropriate for an Autumn look, huh?) and Dior lipstick in Wild {post here}.

Clarins_Odyssey_Eyeshadow_Palette_swatches (9)

The palette comes with a handy little card, with guidance on where to apply each shade.  I’ll be back soon with a more full on evening look, featuring that gorgeous gold!

Clarins Odyssey Eye Quartet Mineral Palette will be available in October 2012 priced at £30.  As it is limited edition, I wouldn’t hang about!

Do these kind of colours appeal to you?  Nic x


Quick Fix Radiant Face in Five: Alpha-H & NATorigin

There are times when all of us want/need to create a quick, radiant makeup look with minimal effort.  We don’t have time to go the whole hog with a full face of slap, but still want to look good!  As my youngest child has just started school, I now have two little ones to get out early in the morning, which leaves little time for pampering. These are the products I’ve been turning to lately for fast, effective results when I need to look alert and presentable pronto!


I’ve raved about Alpha-H products often enough for you to know how much I love them - and these two recent launches are no exception.

Alpha H Tinted Moisturiser is everything that many BB balms claim to be, no fancy labels required and comes in 3 shades: light, medium or dark.  It has SPF, light coverage, illuminating and hydrating properties, Vitamin E and a host of skin wonders including Organic Sunflower Sprout Extract and plumping Lipto-Peptides. One tip, squeeze verrry gently as it comes out of the tube super fast & you need very little!  While this works well on its own, I love it most when combined with the another little beauty….

Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear is a new daily perfecting serum, rich in hydrating and plumping hero, hyaluronic acid.  Described as a complexion enhancer, it illuminates, smooths and resurfaces via Glycolic Acid and Peptides. And if all that’s not enough, micro bronzing spheres burst on application, giving the sheerest hint of glow to the skin - not a tan - just a not-deathly-pale finish.  It can be worn alone, under or over moisturiser.

Please don’t hate me for this, but these two products worn together = a magical combination.  I’ll show you some swatches to illustrate…



Alpha-H Tinted Moisturiser in Light and Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear*, above.  Can you see the teensy dark specs? Those are the ‘bronzing spheres’!  The gold dots are light reflecting particles!


Above, the two are swatched separately.

Alpha_H_Tinted_Moisturiser_Liquid_Gold_Perfecting_Daywear (2)

And together… See?! Can you see how the smooth finish from the tinted moisturiser and the radiance from the Perfecting Daywear work so well together?  I guess they could be blended together, but I’ve been using the Tinted Moisturiser on top. 

Coming into wilder weather, it’s not quite enough coverage for my personal preference, as I suffer Rudolph nose and white/purple/blue cheeks in Winter, so tend to up the coverage, but right now, it’s just gorgeous - and for those of you blessed with reasonably even toned skin will love it!  Both products actually look lovely patted on top of any other foundation, just to add a little radiance across cheekbones etc, like you would with a highlighter.

Here I am, supposed to be telling you about a quick fix and I’m rambling on getting all excited about these products, but they’re worth getting excited about, honestly!  If I had to choose just one, I’d choose the Perfecting Daywear, but if you’re in the market for a tinted moisturiser, the Alpha-H is hard to beat.  Because they both offer such extensive skincare benefits and are essentially treatments, they don’t come cheap (price below) but they will last me a long time as only the smallest amount of both is required. 

Lips & Eyes

NATorigin-Lychee-52-Lipstick- -brown-mascara NATorigin-Lychee-52-Lipstick- -brown-mascara (2)

In the morning I really don’t have time to do full eye makeup - I’m winning if I get as far as mascara (and if it’s sunny, I pop on some sunglasses & save that extra minute!).

NATorigin Mascara is one of the best I’ve tried recently. I love a brown mascara as I find black too harsh and this is the loveliest chocolatey shade. It leaves my lashes looking long and well defined - and just like its much more expensive counterparts - feeling soft!  It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, which is great as mine are so sensitive and is easy to remove.

NATorigin-Lychee-52-Lipstick-swatch (2) NATorigin-Lychee-52-Lipstick-swatch

NATorigin lipstick in Lychee #52, another multiple award winning product by this cruelty-free organic brand, is a My-Lips-But-Better natural pinky brown.  I barely look like I’m wearing any lipstick at all in this, yet my lips look healthy, well moisturised and ‘finished’.  It’s packed with goodness and incredibly moisturising; not the longest lasting as a result, but that’s ok - it makes me look alive in the mornings and that’s all I ask of it!



The final item in my quick fix face is Revolution Organics Beauty Balm in Sunkissed, which I reviewed in full recently {here}.  I can dab this on the apples of my cheeks and pat it in with my fingers for an instant completion of that faux healthy glow.

All of this genuinely does take five minutes max and is generally done while the kids get their coats & bags on….

1. A layer of Perfecting Daywear & TInted Moisturiser

2. NATorigin mascara & lipstick while the above ‘settle’

3. Beauty Balm on the cheeks

As for my hair, forget it - I just twist it into a topknot and race out the door!

Prices & Product Links

Alpha-H Tinted Moisturiser (light, medium or dark), £34.95 here

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear, £39.95 here

NATorigin Lengthening Mascara (black, brown, blue or green), £13.50 here

NATorigin Lipstick in Lychee #52, £15.50 here

Revolution Organics Beauty Balm in Sunkissed, £21 here


How long do you spend on your morning face?


Mavala Blogger Spotlight on Strawberry Blonde!


Swiss nail brand, Mavala, recently interviewed me for their monthly Blogger Spotlight feature.  Have a little read if you fancy a nosey about me and my thoughts on beauty & blogging! LINK


Lyn Harris for M&S: La Poudrée

Lyn_Harris_for_M&S_Le_Poudre_perfume (3)

I get such a buzz writing about a product that has really moved me - and this is one of them;  La Poudrée by Lyn Harris for M&S is right up there.  It normally takes me a while to fall in love with a fragrance; several of those I own I disliked at first spritz, but with this one it was instant attraction.

Lyn Harris, Britain’s leading perfumer and founder of Miller & Harris has developed a brand new collection exclusively for Marks & Spencer, which launched this week.  Created using the finest raw materials, the collection of six includes 3 for women, 3 for men and is aimed at fragrance lovers looking for high quality naturals from the high street.  Retailing at £25 per 50ml eau de parfum, I see this as an amazing opportunity to own a beautiful fragrance at less than half the price of an original Miller & Harris (which start at £62).


La Poudrée is described as an Oriental classic scent made of an exquisite blend of fruity notes of raspberry and peach nectar as well as floral notes such as soft rose, orange flower, iris, vanilla and musk.

While I’m not overly fond of rose and iris notes, they mingle so sweetly among the others that I’m not put off at all.  This fragrance is beautifully balanced, sophisticated and mellow.  A powdery, soft skin scent, the initial fruity florals are intoxicating - I literally gasped when I first sprayed it. 

It settles quickly on my skin and wears very close, leaving me with lingering vanilla, musk and a whisper of peach.  This makes it sound sickly, which it’s really not at all - it’s super soft and seamless, womanly, sensual and grown up, I haven’t loved another like this in a long time!

Lyn_Harris_for_M&S_Le_Poudre_perfume (2)

Also for women:

La Rose - This elegant classic fragrance contains top notes
of rose petals, galbanum and red berry with a base of
patchouli, sweet musk and amber.

La Fleur - A light floral fragrance containing notes of
white gardenia and Indian tuberose flowers setting the tone
with gentle woods, vanilla Bourbon and musk.

And for men:

Le Noir - This sophisticated classic scent is composed of
citrusy notes of bergamot and mandarin working together
with deeper scents such as lavender, tarragon with pimento
berries, patchouli and rich amber.

Le Sauvage - An elegant and sensual fragrance with fruity
top notes of grapefruit and orange, warm notes of cardamom,
angelica and coriander seeds on a base of oak moss, vetiver
from Haiti and a hint of tabac.

Le Cologne - This fresh and vibrant citrus fragrance
includes Bergamot from Sicily, lemon, orange from Seville,
French rosemary and thyme on a base of vetiver and amber.

Would you like to try any of these?

The Lyn Harris fragrance collection is available at leading M&S stores or online here at £25 for 50ml EDP.


The Balm Shady Lady Giraffe Eyeshadow Palette: Swatches

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (4)

Cute and quirky cosmetics brand, The Balm, is a recent discovery for me. I’ve heard others rave about their eyeshadows in particular and now I know why… soft, highly pigmented, beautiful colours pretty much sums it up.  The vintage style packaging is really cute too - simple and lightweight with a generously sized mirror.

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (2) Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (3)

Aren’t they stunning?  This was my favourite from a range of palettes, though it was a difficult choice (I’ll link to the others later).  The striking packaging design means each palette is instantly recognisable in your collection; others include zebra print and vintage record style covers.

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (5)

Personally I would wear these kinds of tones all year around, though I do think they are rather Autumnal and a few jewel tones in there - teal, purple & bronze - make them perfect for the season ahead.  The glittery black, grey and silver make a perfect smokey eye and some of the softer tones give great daytime options.  My favourites are the middle khaki shade, Run Around Rebecca & the one to its right, Come Hither Heather.



I’ve swatched these as they appear in the pic above from top left.  The texture of the shadows is unreal… buttery soft. There’s nothing I hate more than an eyeshadow I have to scrape at to get some kind of response!  Each of these was a single swatch with my finger and you can see how pigmented they are, great payoff and super soft with minimal fall out. The deep colours are the most pigmented, which is fine by me as I normally just use highlights on my browbone and don’t need a lot. They lasted well on me with only minor creasing - I just love them.

I’m not sure if you can see in the swatches above, but Come Hither Heather has a slight duochrome effect. I used it for the look below along with the two colours to its right in the swatches: teal (Open to Offers Olwen) and deep purple (All the Way Annie).

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow_swatches (2)

Swatched in the shade just for reference (yes my birdcage picture is hanging sideways). ;)

The Look


I think the duochrome effect from the Heather shade all over my lid is just about visible here in direct sunlight… it’s a kind of greyish purple with taupe undertones.  I added deep purple (Annie) in the crease and along my upper lashline. 

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (6)

This pic was taken later in the day - different light, different lipstick! I’ve included it as you can pick out the teal (Olwen) that I used along my lower lashline as a liner.

The Balm Shady Lady Giraffe palette is currently on offer for £27.77 HERE and you can see more of the palettes HERE (I have my eye on either Nude Tude or Meet Matte!). There is an additional 12% off code until 27 September, not sure if it can be used on top of the existing offer but it’s worth a go!

Have you tried any products from The Balm range that you’d recommend?


Just Peachy Makeup with NYX The Curve & New CID

NewCID makeup   NYX-The-Curve

I said I’d be back with a makeup look using NYX The Curve eyeliner and some New CID products that I’ve been loving lately...

Skin Prep

              Etat-Pur-B39_Redensifying-Regenerating-CareDr Lewinns Instant Beauty Radiance Booster

While I’ve always used a moisturiser and often a serum and/or primer before applying foundation, it’s only recently (thanks to MUA friends & fellow bloggers) that I’ve come to truly appreciate the importance of skin prep and it’s impact on the appearance of skin and lasting power of makeup. 

Two products that I’ve been loving lately are Etat Pur Redensifying Regenerating Care (£16.60), which soothes, nourishes and helps balance the skin, while helping address any fine lines and slackening (eek!).  A gorgeous morning moisturiser - am so impressed by the reasonably priced Etat Pur range, will share more about them soon.

Once this sinks in, I apply Dr Lewinn’s Instant Beauty Radiance Booster (£26), a lightweight silky cream that is the most perfect makeup base.  This is made with more than 70% Aloe Vera, Rice Bran and hydrating oils to hydrate and smooth for an ‘8 hours sleep and 8 glasses of water glow!’  Especially great if you’re looking/feeling a bit knackered or for the morning after, though I’ve been using it everyday.

The Makeup

NewCID makeup   NYX-The-Curve (3)


For my base I used New CID i-perfection foundation in Vanilla (£26), a smooth and creamy makeup that glides on easily with fingers or a foundation brush (I’ve been using my new Real Techniques Buffing Brush & it’s love - review to follow!). The coverage is really versatile for this product and while I’d obviously advise going for the closest match possible, the colour adjusting claims genuinely work for me! It looks a smidge deep initially, but is perfect as it settles on my skin and the finish is quite glowy and long lasting. I’d prob go for the Latte shade next time as I do like foundation in one shade lighter than my skintone in Winter - much more illuminating and flattering!



My new favourite glowy blusher is New CID i-glow Compact Shimmer in Ice Pop (£22.50).  I’ve always steered clear of this type of product, assuming it would be OTT shimmery on me and highlight every little flaw, but this is just perfection!  It’s radiant and iridescent rather than shimmery… I’ve no idea how it compares to similar from the likes of mac but believe me, it’s very forgiving! While it would be great for an all over glow on olive or darker skintones, it’s perfect as a light blush on me and is the prettiest pinky peach.  It honestly takes my face from half asleep to wide awake with one sweep. Lasting power sadly isn’t great, so just as well it comes in such a pretty mirrored compact for regular touch ups!  I’ve been applying this with Real Techniques Contour Brush.


NYX_The_Curve NewCID makeup   NYX-The-Curve (2)

Please excuse this scary up close shot above right (with flash) - it was the one that showed my eye makeup most clearly. Obviously I wanted to showcase my new NYX The Curve liquid eyeliner {post here}, which is why I kept the rest of the look soft and glowy.  I applied a reasonably thick flick with the liner (so much less daunting than using regular liquid eyeliners!) and softened the line a little with the double-ended New CID i-smoulder in Pewter.

NewCID-ismoulder-graphite New-CID-ismoulder-graphite

With the twist up pencil end (above left) I added gentle definition to my lower lash line, then took the colour above my lashline over the lid using the eyeshadow at the other end of this genius little pencil.  It’s more of a deep silver rather than pewter really and just adds a bit of light to my lid rather than intense colour.  I normally use it more for a soft smokey eye, but in this case I took the colour a bit higher. Would love one of these in every colour - Olive, Ember & Gold look particularly lush - but at £18.50 a pop, sadly that won’t be happening in a hurry!

I forgot to photograph my mini mascara, Lancôme Hypnose Star, which I got free with a magazine and adore!  I haven’t bought a high end mascara for years as I think the High Street versions are so good now, but am tempted by this one.



For a peachy lip I used YSL Rouge Volupte in Faubourg Peach #30, which I’ve had a love hate relationship with - it’s soooo soft and pigmented that it’s easy to overdo, but I’ve learned to just press it gently onto my lips and am rather fond of it now!


Good Lord that was a long one… this post was originally meant to be two pics and one paragraph. What is actually wrong with me - do I overblog? Do I need to reign it in or are people actually interested in this much detail?

Thanks for reading if you’re still there & Happy Weekend! Nic xx

inc PR samples



Philosophy Skincare: The Microdelivery Peel


I’ve been familiar with Philosophy fragrances and body products for a long time, but was amazed to discover that Philosophy is the 4th most popular skincare brand in America!  I had previously bypassed the skincare element of this brand and have loved getting acquainted with it. 

“Philosophy was founded in 1996 by Cristina Carlino, a skin care entrepreneur
and visionary with over 30 years experience working with the world’s leading
dermatologists. her vision was to bridge the gap between the doctor’s office
and retail by giving women everywhere access to leading skin care.”

At the launch of Philosophy at Debenhams, Belfast I was blown away by the range of products on offer.  Although impressive, the range is not intimidating… the packaging design and clear layout make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and I found the staff reassuringly approachable and knowledgeable.

Philosophy Belfast launch Debenhams Philosophy Belfast launch

Philosophy trainer, Chrystal’s enthusiasm and complete confidence in her products was both inspiring and infectious. The first product I want to share with you today is the Microdelivery peel, featuring a very different kind of crystal!

The Microdelivery Peel

Philosophy_Microdelivery_Peel (2)

I’ve always been a little nervous about using salon style beauty treatments at home, but the Philosophy consultants explained everything so clearly they completely put my mind at rest.  They even demonstrated exactly how to use the product on the back of my hand… when I felt how soft it was afterwards I was sold! 

The Microdelivery peel is a two step treatment that rejuvenates the appearance of sun-damaged, hyper pigmented and ageing skin:

● smoothes and resurfaces rough texture

● helps minimize the look of fine lines

● helps brighten and even skin tone

In other words, it takes exfoliation to a new level - and puts in good stuff while removing the bad!

 Philosophy_Microdelivery_Peel (3)

The two piece set includes a jar of vitamin c/peptide crystals, set in a waxy ‘balm’ and a separate bottle of lactic/salicylic acid activating gel.  One teaspoon of each is recommended per treatment - I find that around half of that is enough - so can see this lasting a long time.  The crystal ‘balm’ smells absolutely gorgeous, an orange, citrusy scent that makes it a real pleasure to use.

Step by Step

Philosophy_Microdelivery_Peel (4) Philosophy_Microdelivery_Peel (5) Philosophy_Microdelivery_Peel (6)

The pics above show the 3 steps of the treatment, which takes about 5-10 mins in total (perfect for a busy mum with minimal pampering time!) and works as follows…

1. Gently massage the crystals into your skin, avoiding the eye area - no pressure or scrubbing - the crystals do all the work. They are so fine you can barely see them in this pic, but you can feel them gently working - they are much smaller and finer than most regular exfoliators and don’t hurt or scratch the skin.  They do, however, exfoliate very effectively!

2. Add one teaspoon of activating gel - it’s easiest to put this in the palm of your hand first, then apply to the face with fingers - on top of the crystals.

3. Gently spread the activating gel over the face, blending it with the crystals… the skin slightly warms when you do this (that’s the activating bit!) and the texture becomes quite milky/foamy. You can massage it in or just leave it to do its thing (esp if skin is sensitive) for a total of 2-3 mins. 

That’s it… rinse the face thoroughly to remove all product and pat dry gently with a soft towel or flannel.  Take care not to get it in your eyes - I find it easiest to remove the bulk of product with a warm damp flannel, then do a final rinse with fresh water.

The Results

My skin immediately feels very soft after this treatment… I tend to use it at night as I like to allow my skin to rest after something like this and the last thing I want to do is cover up that super clean skin with makeup.  I see the biggest difference when I get up the next morning - my skin looks so much clearer and literally feels like velvet. 

I’ve been using this once a week for around 6 weeks now, as I wanted to really test it thoroughly before sharing my thoughts with you.  If you have uber sensitive skin, then I’d hesitate to recommend anything like this, but my own skin is quite sensitive and I’ve only seen positive results.  I really do think my skin has benefitted from this process and my appetite for Philosophy skincare has most definitely been whet/whetted/whatevs…

Before you balk at the price, bear in mind that you would pay close to this for a single treatment in some salons and certainly no more than two in any reputable one.

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel costs £59 at Debenhams or directly from Philosophy, which has a special offer ending today (20 Sep) with £10 off purchases of £65 or more using the code philosophy10 - see here for details!

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