The Balm Shady Lady Giraffe Eyeshadow Palette: Swatches

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (4)

Cute and quirky cosmetics brand, The Balm, is a recent discovery for me. I’ve heard others rave about their eyeshadows in particular and now I know why… soft, highly pigmented, beautiful colours pretty much sums it up.  The vintage style packaging is really cute too - simple and lightweight with a generously sized mirror.

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (2) Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (3)

Aren’t they stunning?  This was my favourite from a range of palettes, though it was a difficult choice (I’ll link to the others later).  The striking packaging design means each palette is instantly recognisable in your collection; others include zebra print and vintage record style covers.

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (5)

Personally I would wear these kinds of tones all year around, though I do think they are rather Autumnal and a few jewel tones in there - teal, purple & bronze - make them perfect for the season ahead.  The glittery black, grey and silver make a perfect smokey eye and some of the softer tones give great daytime options.  My favourites are the middle khaki shade, Run Around Rebecca & the one to its right, Come Hither Heather.



I’ve swatched these as they appear in the pic above from top left.  The texture of the shadows is unreal… buttery soft. There’s nothing I hate more than an eyeshadow I have to scrape at to get some kind of response!  Each of these was a single swatch with my finger and you can see how pigmented they are, great payoff and super soft with minimal fall out. The deep colours are the most pigmented, which is fine by me as I normally just use highlights on my browbone and don’t need a lot. They lasted well on me with only minor creasing - I just love them.

I’m not sure if you can see in the swatches above, but Come Hither Heather has a slight duochrome effect. I used it for the look below along with the two colours to its right in the swatches: teal (Open to Offers Olwen) and deep purple (All the Way Annie).

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow_swatches (2)

Swatched in the shade just for reference (yes my birdcage picture is hanging sideways). ;)

The Look


I think the duochrome effect from the Heather shade all over my lid is just about visible here in direct sunlight… it’s a kind of greyish purple with taupe undertones.  I added deep purple (Annie) in the crease and along my upper lashline. 

Balm_Balm_Shady_Lady_Eyeshadow (6)

This pic was taken later in the day - different light, different lipstick! I’ve included it as you can pick out the teal (Olwen) that I used along my lower lashline as a liner.

The Balm Shady Lady Giraffe palette is currently on offer for £27.77 HERE and you can see more of the palettes HERE (I have my eye on either Nude Tude or Meet Matte!). There is an additional 12% off code until 27 September, not sure if it can be used on top of the existing offer but it’s worth a go!

Have you tried any products from The Balm range that you’d recommend?

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