Lyn Harris for M&S: La Poudrée

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I get such a buzz writing about a product that has really moved me - and this is one of them;  La Poudrée by Lyn Harris for M&S is right up there.  It normally takes me a while to fall in love with a fragrance; several of those I own I disliked at first spritz, but with this one it was instant attraction.

Lyn Harris, Britain’s leading perfumer and founder of Miller & Harris has developed a brand new collection exclusively for Marks & Spencer, which launched this week.  Created using the finest raw materials, the collection of six includes 3 for women, 3 for men and is aimed at fragrance lovers looking for high quality naturals from the high street.  Retailing at £25 per 50ml eau de parfum, I see this as an amazing opportunity to own a beautiful fragrance at less than half the price of an original Miller & Harris (which start at £62).


La Poudrée is described as an Oriental classic scent made of an exquisite blend of fruity notes of raspberry and peach nectar as well as floral notes such as soft rose, orange flower, iris, vanilla and musk.

While I’m not overly fond of rose and iris notes, they mingle so sweetly among the others that I’m not put off at all.  This fragrance is beautifully balanced, sophisticated and mellow.  A powdery, soft skin scent, the initial fruity florals are intoxicating - I literally gasped when I first sprayed it. 

It settles quickly on my skin and wears very close, leaving me with lingering vanilla, musk and a whisper of peach.  This makes it sound sickly, which it’s really not at all - it’s super soft and seamless, womanly, sensual and grown up, I haven’t loved another like this in a long time!

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Also for women:

La Rose - This elegant classic fragrance contains top notes
of rose petals, galbanum and red berry with a base of
patchouli, sweet musk and amber.

La Fleur - A light floral fragrance containing notes of
white gardenia and Indian tuberose flowers setting the tone
with gentle woods, vanilla Bourbon and musk.

And for men:

Le Noir - This sophisticated classic scent is composed of
citrusy notes of bergamot and mandarin working together
with deeper scents such as lavender, tarragon with pimento
berries, patchouli and rich amber.

Le Sauvage - An elegant and sensual fragrance with fruity
top notes of grapefruit and orange, warm notes of cardamom,
angelica and coriander seeds on a base of oak moss, vetiver
from Haiti and a hint of tabac.

Le Cologne - This fresh and vibrant citrus fragrance
includes Bergamot from Sicily, lemon, orange from Seville,
French rosemary and thyme on a base of vetiver and amber.

Would you like to try any of these?

The Lyn Harris fragrance collection is available at leading M&S stores or online here at £25 for 50ml EDP.

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