Revolution Organics Beauty Balm in Blush & Sunkissed


Canadian brand, Revolution Organics has created a compact collection of 100% natural multi-tasking beauty products, made with 85% certified organic ingredients.  Completely free of skin baddies (chemicals, mineral oil, synthetics, petroleum, artificial ingredients & parabens), they come in gorgeous colours and look just as good as they feel on the skin!

Before I tell you more, can we just take a moment to swoon over the pretty gift packaging that these arrived in from another of my favourite retailers,, which has brought this lovely brand to the UK…

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I could hardly bear to loosen that hand-tied ribbon (though my little girl is excited about wearing it in her hair!).

Beauty Balms

011 Revolution_Organics_Beauty_Balms

So onto the Beauty Balms, which are just beautiful, both to look at and to use.  I have to admit, the whole NARS Multiple craze kind of passed me by, so although I can’t compare performance, these are a similar type of product, described as suitable for use on cheeks, lips, eyes and d├ęcolletage.  The products arrive in these cute cardboard tubes (above) with colour coded lids to protect the glossy black tubes inside.

Made with:

  • ORGANIC OILS organic olive, coconut and jojoba oils to moisturize and soften
  • ORGANIC BEESWAX to protect and hydrate
  • ORGANIC ALOE VERA to condition and soothe
  • NATURAL PIGMENTS Pure mineral pigment for true natural colour

Revolution_Organics_Beauty_Balm_Blushed_Sunkissed (2)

Blush is a cool toned, soft but bright pink with a slight silver iridescence - exactly the kind of pink I love.  Sunkissed is a coral peach with delicate gold shimmer, which bears more than a passing resemblance to NARS Orgasm.

I was a little unsure of what to expect as creamy makeup in a tube is a touch out of my comfort zone, but I need not have worried.  I expected them to be quite hard and low in pigment, which isn’t the case.  They have a lot of ‘give’ and the slightest pressure releases a lot of product, so no dragging the skin.  They can be applied directly or with a brush, whichever you feel more comfortable with;  I quite like applying them directly as they honestly feel so lovely.


 Revolution_Organics_Beauty_Balm_Blushed_Sunkissed_swatches (2) Revolution_Organics_Beauty_Balm_Blushed_Sunkissed_swatches (4)Revolution_Organics_Beauty_Balm_Blushed_Sunkissed_swatches (5)

Swatches from top: Single swipe, blended out and blended completely. The last shot in direct sunlight shows the lovely dewy sheen these leave on the skin - it’s not really about shimmer - and all about the glow!


So I am the kind of girl who wears new clothes immediately, brings out the crystal wine glasses every time (only at weekends of course!!) and tries new products at once (not always easy as a beauty blogger as I like to photograph products before use), soooo yes… I did use both of these balms on my face at the same time: one Blush cheek and one Sunkissed.  I hadn’t planned to share the pic on here, but why not…

Revolution_Organics_Beauty_Balm_Blushed_Sunkissed (3) Revolution_Organics_Beauty_Balm_Blushed_Lips

In this pic I was wearing the Blush Beauty Balm on my lips and the cheek to your left & Sunkissed Beauty Balm on the cheek to your right.  It applies easily to the cheeks and blends well, though I especially love this product on my lips.

The olive, jojoba and coconut oils create the most gorgeous texture - it literally feels like a balm, yet it’s laced with gorgeous colour.  Initially, the finish is quite sheeny, though this mattes a little after around half an hour as the oils sink into the lips.  It’s pretty much the perfect lip product in my eyes.

Revolution Organics Beauty Balms* cost £21 each, exclusively at cutECOsmetics in the UK LINK




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