Stella McCartney POP: Review

I've owned this bottle of Stella McCartney POP for 12 days and have already made a significant dent in the bottle. This feel-good scent makes me smile at every spritz and I clearly can't get enough. A million miles from my most recent perfume addiction, I find POP soft, sweet and heart warming.

Earlier this Summer, a friend gave me two little tomato plants - and every time I water them, I rub the leaves between my fingers and inhale the glorious green. If only I could have that scent bottled, I said.

Tomato leaf just happens to be among the opening notes of Stella McCartney POP, alongside violet leaves and green mandarin. It doesn't linger long before the tuberose and sandalwood kick in, but it's there and this makes me happy. (If anyone knows of a full blown tomato leaf fragrance please tell me about it!)

The clear, faceted bottle with that shocking pink embossed polka dot that looks like Stella's name up in lights is as fun and joyful as the contents. 

Just don't try to twist the lid off like I did... press the top and it sprays from the side in a delicate mist.

The lasting power isn't the greatest, which doesn't really bother spritz-happy me, though I know could be a deal breaker for some. While my perfume stash is bordering on embarrassingly large, I keep my current favourite on the hall table and spray it throughout the day if I'm heading out ...or just happen to be walking past.

I've heard some describe POP as quite a powerful scent, though to me it's soft and difficult to overdo. Feminine, floral woods with a little powder... sweetly sophisticated.

Stella McCartney POP is available in 30, 50 & 100ml. Currently on offer at Escentual, it's also available at the usual outlets such as House of Fraser and Sephora.  

Are you a fan of Stella McCartney perfumes?

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