Escentric 02: we've got Chemistry.

My taste in perfumes has changed quite a bit in the last few years... I've evolved from an intense smokey, leathery lover into a fan of much brighter scents; the kind that make me feel good each time I apply them. 

I'd include Diptyque Philosykos and Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay (review of both) in this category, but in the past couple of months, have rarely strayed from my newest discovery, Escentric 02. Escentric Molecules perfumes are based on the art of chemistry - and this one has it in bags. I've owned the much hyped Molecule 01 for a few years and while I do like it, it doesn't make my heart sing like this one does. I guess that's where the chemistry comes in... these are perfumes that every individual will make a connection with - and like any chemistry, it can't be forced; it's either there or it isn't. 

Escentric 02 is described as fresh and sensual with a gin & tonic accord and hint of Austrian lemonade, which as you can imagine, make this the perfect Summer fragrance. It's designed around the aroma chemical, Ambroxan, with vetiver, hedione (green jasmine bud), muscone and orris incense. 

On first spritz, I was quite taken aback - and not in a particularly good way, more of an oh good lord what is this about kind of way. I think I was thrown a little as this is unlike any fragrance I've tried before - and yet after that initial moment, I was completely smitten. I've literally had to remind myself to give something else an occasional go ever since, mainly to avoid neglecting a fairly substantial perfume collection. 

I know, I'm supposed to be telling you about this rather than just how much I love it, so will try to summarise...

To me this is a green, outdoorsy, unisex scent with herbal and citrus notes; the vetiver and gin & tonic elements are all there. It's energetic in a feel like I could take on the world way, rather than a manic, caffeine overload way - and very joyful. If you're after a Monday blues blitzer, this is it, though I'll take that feel good-ness any day of the week. It also has a subtle sensual side, thanks to the musk and green jasmine bud. Chemistry: we've got it. 

Obviously other people do wear this (if you love it as much as I do, I'd love to know in the comments), but it's not one I've smelt on anyone else and is unlike anything you'll find in your average department store. Which always adds to the appeal for me. 

Escentric 02 is available in 30/100ml and the most economical way to try it (as I did with Molecule 01) is to buy the 30ml travel size refill with no case.  Find all sizes at Liberty, Harvey Nichols and Cult Beauty

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