As a full time beauty writer and blogger, I get sent products by brands & PRs for potential review, enabling me to share my thoughts on new and upcoming releases - and bring you more variety than my personal budget stretches to. 

While I absolutely consider this a privilege, I view these items as tools for what I do; not gifts, bribes or guarantees of positive coverage. My opinion is not for sale and your opinion matters to me more than that of any brand. I'm here to tell, not sell. 

I occasionally include sponsored posts because I have bills to pay and need to justify the hours I spend blogging each day... these are always clearly marked, always will be and you have my word that I'll never claim to love a rubbish product. I also use affiliate links, which means I earn a tiny percentage if you shop via my links... I'm talking about 15p if you spend £30, so not a lot. You can read my original post about this here.

I test each product (sample or not) thoroughly before featuring - some, such as skincare, for longer than others. I usually feature an edit of those I rate the highest, as I just don't have the time (or inclination tbh) to focus on the disappointing ones, though do include pros and cons. If there's a product you're unsure about, please ask and I'll always give you my true opinion. 

It's not in my interest to recommend a product that's no good. While it's impossible for each one to suit every individual, I only endorse those that I genuinely rate. My friends and family buy products based on my reviews and I'm not going to mess with you any more than I am with them! 

I write for women who want to weed out the gems from the duds, to know where to start when they hit the aisles of Boots or Space NK, avoid expensive mistakes and receive impartial advice from someone not aligned to any particular brand. 

Essentially all the same things that I want when it comes to beauty advice.

I can't guarantee that my favourites will work for you, but will continue sharing what suits my pale, dry/dehydrated, getting-on-a-bit face for as long as you care to listen. If you have any questions or content suggestions, please feel free to email me at strawberryblondebeauty@gmail.com, tweet me @Strawbry_Blonde or message me on Facebook

As ever, thanks to every one of you for stopping by. 

Nicola xx 
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