Coconut Hair Treats

How could anyone not love a coconut hair treatment? I'm a definite fan - especially in Summer - and thought I'd share some totally tropical inspo today.

The blurb on the back of Color Wow Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic begins with the words 'Do not Drink', which gives you an inkling of just how good it smells. Think a sweet Pina Colada all umbrella-ed up and you're halfway there. This is a leave-in hair tonic with pure coconut oil designed to replenish lost moisture, particularly in colour-treated hair. I use it most when I'm letting my hair dry naturally - post shampoo and conditioner for some much needed moisture and shine. 

I've been reaching for Aveda After Sun Hair Masque on repeat since returning from holiday and it's verging on hair hero status. While a lot of masks leave my hair feeling lank, this one makes it silky soft with zero heaviness. A blend of tamanu and organic coconut oils with green tea and vitamin E protect against free radical damage and eradicate the attractive crispy texture my hair had acquired. I use this in place of regular conditioner, leaving it in for a few minutes before rinsing... it really has made a difference.

If you fancy cutting straight to the chase, pure coconut oil is hard to beat. Extra Virgin, cold pressed Vita Coco is my favourite all rounder and an absolute bargain. It smells and tastes the sweetest of any I've tried (I also use it to cook pretty much everything) and works a treat on hair too. I tend to melt some between my palms and work it through mid lengths and ends as an intense treatment for up to an hour before washing and conditioning as normal. (You could just use a smaller amount in place of regular conditioner after shampooing.) I highly recommend investing in two jars: one for the kitchen and one for bathroom!

Any other coconut based products I need to try?

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