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Pixi's most travel-friendly version of Glow Tonic, To-Go Exfoliating Toner Pads, is about to hit shelves. I've come over a little nostalgic about it all after stumbling across my first posts on Pixi Glow Tonic... three whole years ago (here & here) and seeing how much the brand has grown. If that's not proof that it's remained a staple in my routine then I don't know what is.

For anyone unfamiliar with this gem of a product, it's an exfoliating toner which gently whisks away dead skin cells, soothes what lies beneath and helps speed up the growth of healthy new skin. In my personal experience, it progressively helps my skin look brighter and clearer, without causing irritation or triggering my rosacea. It won't work for everyone, (nothing does) but it works beautifully for a huge percentage of people, to the extent that it's reached cult status (thanks in no small part to a certain Mrs Hirons).

Pixi Glow Tonic normally comes in a bottle of peach liquid, applied with a cotton pad (see the usual packaging in this post). The new Glow Tonic To-Go is packaged in a tub of pre-soaked pads, the same size as an average cotton pad. 

Each one contains the right amount of product for a single use and is comfortable to use - ie not dripping wet. Just swipe a pad over your face (avoiding eyes), continuing right down the neck and decollete. This should be done after cleansing and before using other skincare products such as serum and moisturiser. 

If you have the original bottle of Glow Tonic then you don't need To-Go too - unless you're travelling - in which case, perfect. I have to say I really enjoy using these and find them easier than faffing with a bottle and pack of pads, though I am a bit of a lazy mare. 

I tend to use exfoliating toners less in Summer as they make skin more vulnerable to skin damage UNLESS you use a good SPF, which I do, so no logic there really! After a break of around 6 weeks, I've gone back to using Glow Tonic in its new To-Go form and was surprised to notice a difference in just over a week. I'm prone to congestion and annoying bumps just below the surface of my skin and this has made a marked improvement. Admittedly it usually takes several weeks at least for me to see a change, so I guess this was just what my skin needed right now.  Not complaining!

Glow Tonic To-Go Exfoliating Toner Pads launch on QVC on Tuesday 26th July and will be on shelves and online on the 29th, RRP £20.

Each tub contains 60 pads, enough for 1-3 months depending how often you use them. Some people use an exfoliating toner twice daily and others twice a week. Whatever works for you, but when introducing something new, it's best to start slow and see how you go...

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