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I’m really excited to see Pixi Beauty extend its skincare range with a new line up of ‘Skintreats’. Best know for its Glow Tonic, a staple in my routine forever, I’ve previously enjoyed a couple of the serums too. I’ve been testing a selection of the new products for a couple of weeks now, so thought I’d share my thoughts (ps I’d normally test skincare for longer, but can form an opinion on masks and cleansers faster than serums and moisturisers).

On first impressions, the packaging couldn’t be more perfect. The crisp mint green and rose gold vintage-esque look is both pretty and practical. I think it’s genius how the key benefits of each product are included on the front in such a simple, clear way, making it easy for us to see what’s what without poring over a load of mumbo jumbo. There’s also a (succinct) para on the back of each product with a full ingredients list.




These two masks do very different jobs, so there’s no reason why you can’t use both, or choose one that best suits your needs. I quite like multi-tasking with masks and have used this clay mask on my T-zone with the nourishing mask on cheeks and neck.

Glow Mud Mask with Aloe Vera, ginseng and mineral-rich mud is a deep pore cleanser - your typical charcoal mud mask that sets dry on the skin *no smiling* and is then rinsed off; it smells good and it does its job well. I like to use a mask like this once every week or two and find that it helps keep congestion at bay. I rarely apply it over my whole face, generally sticking to my nose and chin aka enlarged pore zone.

While I’d class a mud mask as essential (or at least useful), the Nourishing Sleep Mask with botanical extracts and oils is much more of a treat. Deeply hydrating, it can be left overnight or used as a 10 mins booster before going in with your usual skin care routine. This is particularly useful post-flight or the morning after, when skin is parched and tends to eat makeup, so I’ve heard.

Sidenote: Both of these masks smell great, a gentle botanical scent. Always a bonus.




I enjoy using the Glow Mud Cleanser in the mornings as it’s quick and easy and gives my skin the added oomph that it seriously lacks first thing. I’m not usually one for cleansers with actives, as you’re rinsing them off, but the exfoliating 5% Glycolic  Acid in this works nicely in tandem with Glow Tonic - and regardless of that, it’s really pleasant to use. In terms of consistency, it’s a rich cream that looks (and kinda feels) like it’s been mixed with mud, which presumably it has! I’m not sure how this would work daily on my skin in the  long-term and would imagine oily/ normal/ combo skins will particularly enjoy this.

Nourishing Cleansing Balm with Sweet Almond Oil & Vitamin E is a balm to oil cleanser that’s more in line with my usual evening skin cleanse. The key difference is that it doesn’t emulsify (turn milky when wet), which means more thorough removal is required. It smells good and feels good, but the lazy girl in me is put off a bit by this element. It’s rich and heavy, a good choice for dry skins though I think any skin type could use this - my best advice: less is more. And this is definitely one for a second cleanse rather than makeup removal.




Glow Tonic is not a new addition, but the smaller 100ml bottle is, making it more affordable if you’ve been on the fence about trying it. Applied post-cleanse with a cotton pad, it gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and impurities and leaving skin looking clearer and brighter. A daily staple for me. I’m wary of exfoliating toners on my rosacea prone skin, but this one is gentle enough not to aggravate. If you use a gritty exfoliant and are after something more gentle, this is the one. PS it takes time to see results from this, so don’t expect overnight miracles; used consistently it works.

Described as an anti-fatigue peptide serum, 24K Eye Elixir is a lightweight eye serum that instantly hydrates and cools tired eyes with a metal rollerball applicator. Quick and easy to use pre-makeup in the mornings… a quick pat and it’s done, no waiting for a rich cream to sink in (I prefer to save that option for night time). It does seem to de-puff and contains age-defying ingredients and collagen.



I know it’s weird to include skincare swatches but as the textures of these are quite unique I thought it might be helpful, so I jumped up to snap these half way through writing. Glow Mud Mask is your standard mud texture, spreads nice and thinly and dries quickly. I’d describe Nourishing Sleep Mask as 2/3 cream, 1/3 gel - it feels very light and instantly hydrating on the skin. Glow Mud Cleanser doesn’t feel much different from a regular cream cleanser, with a muddy greige hue (how on-trend). I’ve tried to blend out the dollop of Nourishing Cleansing Balm to illustrate how it converts to an oil when massaged in; it’s a ‘soft set solid’ in the tub, like your typical dense balm.

Overall, I’m impressed and think there’s something in this line for everyone. As a walking hydration magnet, my top pick is the Nourishing Sleep Mask… I’m also loving the sound of H20 Skin Drink and Glow Peel Pads.

Pixi Beauty Skintreats launch at M&S Beauty on 3rd September and the full line is available now at

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