In-Flight Essentials


As I’m off on holiday soon, I’ve been gathering together some in-flight essentials, which are more practical than beauty-focused really. Besides the fact that I have two young children, I’m not really the type for sky-high facials, but a a long drive to the airport and quite a bit of waiting around means a few little pick-me-ups won’t go amiss. My priority is always staying hydrated, so that’s what the majority of these picks are based on. Most are miniatures and the rest conveniently small… I still need to pick up a clear bag to store them in, so if you have any suggestions for something reusable (preferably available on the High Street), please let me know.


Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Softening Body Cream with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang - this has a lovely calming scent that’s not overpowering, absorbs quickly and feels nourishing but not at all sticky. This 50ml tube is part of a little travel set and you can pick these up in Sainsbury’s (which technically makes them groceries, right?)

Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum - I’ve written a full ode to this here, but suffice to say, it’s the scent - and how this makes me (not just my hands) feel - that keeps me coming back for more.

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant - this is gently scnted of roses and is a natural formula, which won’t clog pores or stain the skin/clothing in the heat, so I’ll use it when I’m away too. I’ve been a fan of Weleda since I discovered it for my babies and have used their products ever since. Love that they bring out miniatures every year.

Balance Me Skin Brightening Hydrating Facial Mist - I always use this in Summer as it feels good, smells good and actually hydrates my skin thanks to hyaluronic acid and pineapple & rose floral waters. I usually store mine in the fridge and have a quick spritz to wake me up in the morning. Great on sun-drenched skin too.

Popbands - did you spot the cute neon hair band around the Facial Mist? I love Popbands as they’re soft, smooth and don’t pull at my hair or leave a kink where it’s been tied up. Designed to look cute when worn around the wrist as well as in the hair, this one is particularly pretty with the diamante heart design.


EcoHydra Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser - I used to be quite complacent about hand sanitisers and never used them regularly until I tried this one. Unlike most others, this is alcohol-free, so doesn’t dry out my hands. It’s a foam, which I much prefer to gel, contains aloe vera and has a lovely fresh smell. I’m reassured by the fact that it leaves no more than 10 germs on my hands, unlike the 10,000 missed by most High St formulas. Can’t argue with that - and personally I’d rather have hands that are properly germ free than ones that smell of strawberries.

SunSense Lip Balm SPF 50+ - admittedly this is more for use on holiday than in-flight, but no point in me bringing two, especially when this one works so well. The formula feels like a lip butter as it’s so rich and creamy - I just love it and it feels way more expensive than £5.99. It’s also fragrance free, contains Vitamin E and SPF50 - which isn’t easy to find in a lip product. I’m a huge fan of this entire range since discovering the sunscreen in Australia, where it’s made (they know a thing or two about sunscreen) and am so pleased that it’s now available here.

Aromatherapy Deep Relax Balm - this tiny little jar is perfect for travelling and I’m hoping it will calm any travelling nerves… I’m actually fine with flying but usually appreciate a little soothing with the inevitable tensions of the journey, so this is my little helper!

Jo Malone Wild Sage & Sea Salt - I promise not to spray this while on the plane - I find it quite rude when people impose their scent on everyone else. Just before boarding is fine - and for a little pep me up on arrival. You can read my full review on this scent here.


I spotted this 4 pack of travel bottles in Primark and couldn’t resist for £1 - I haven’t tried it yet so can’t vouch for how secure the bottles fasten etc, but thought I’d flag it up in case anyone is looking for similar as it’s so handy to have!

I’ll be writing a separate post on the beauty products that make it into my suitcase (ps there’s a lot more of them!). Do you think this stash looks reasonable or too much? If I did have to cut it back, I’d choose the facial mist, lip balm, Popbands and EcoHydra.

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