Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Hand Serum

Bodhi Birch-Lime-Blossom-Hand-Serum Bodhi Birch-Lime-Blossom-Hand-Serum-review Bodhi Birch-Lime-Blossom-Protective-Hand-Serum

I’ve raved about British eco-luxe brand, Bodhi on here before, recently re-branded as Bodhi & Birch. Its latest launch is a hand serum, which I find particularly appealing as I often apply serum before hand cream for an extra layer of nourishment - and this is the first product I’ve come across which is designed specifically for the purpose.

Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum is designed specifically to address signs of ageing, which typically appear on hands before anywhere else on the body. Oils, antioxidants and vitamins - including Olive Squalene and Rose Hip - target lines, age spots and dehydration, while antibacterial lime and green mandarin provide natural protection and smell divine.

Although it’s oil based, this serum sinks in quickly, leaving only a light sheen on my skin and no sticky residue… just one drop is the recommended dose for both hands and forearms. I also like to massage it into elbows, nails and cuticles, probably more often than I should as the scent is so exhilarating - I may be slightly addicted (actually, I’d love a candle that smells like this). For extra dry or dehydrated skin, the serum can be used as a base for hand cream - best used in this way when you won’t need to use your hands for a while, as it will take longer to skin in.

I’m all for keeping my hands looking as youthful as possible, so am using this religiously with a layer of sunscreen on top (so easy to do after applying SPF to face) and occasionally adding a thick layer of moisture on top - preferably pre-Netflix session.

Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protective Hand Serum is available here. While you’re there, check out the brand’s new online magazine, BodhiLuxe

PS Speaking of Netflix, I’m about to start Prison Break Season 3 & loving it, but getting a tad weary of the constant twists & turns - do I persevere - or drop it and start Orange is the New Black?!



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