Chattyblog & a Round Up!


As I very rudely slipped away on holidays without saying goodbye, I thought I’d share a quick roundup of what I’ve been up to. While it was great to have a break from work and the online world, I did miss blogging. There are numerous reasons why I blog, but the primary one is that I’m passionate about doing it and love the interaction I have with my readers and other bloggers. It was good to step back, take time out to ponder and get some sense of perspective, so there may be a few little changes afoot, hopefully for the better! One of the things that occurred to me was that I rarely share much about me, myself & I on here - a conscious decision as I’m quite protective of my privacy - but I think it’s all about striking the right balance.

I’m pumped with new ideas and as usual, am hoping I can find enough hours in the day to transfer them all from my head to these pages. I haven’t blogged as regularly as I’d like in recent months due to taking on more work (as a result of this blog) and it bothers me, so that’s another place I’d like to find balance. The truth is that blogging is a much more time consuming commitment than it appears - and unless I sit up into the wee small hours, it doesn’t happen. I could also improve on my time management skills, but with two young children (now off school for 8 weeks Summer holidays) and work commitments, that’s not always possible either. I’m working on it.

As I shared on Instagram today (I’m strawbryblonde on there if you fancy saying hello), the best thing about being home is a proper cup of tea… granny, moi? The second best is being reunited with my hairdryer - good lord I looked rough when I was away: 95% humidity + my usual frizz head  = not a pretty sight. Hats and topknots all the way. Add to that, 25 mosquito bites (which I’m allergic to, so each one swells up ridiculously) and huge sore spots as a result of switching up my skincare. Attractive. Today I blow dried my hair, was reunited with my beloved Bobbi Brown skincare (ode coming soon) and applied a full face of make-up. Best feeling ever… natural beauty I am not! *sob*

While away, we stayed in Bergamo in southern Italy, close to lots of great places to visit. The highlight for me was our time at Lake Como, the most breathtakingly beautiful place I’ve ever been - see the 3 pics above on the water. The cutie on the right is my little boy mesmerised by a baby ladybird on his arm. We stayed in a gorgeous rural house set in mature gardens, overlooking remote villages on the mountains (view from the balcony top left), went on a day trip to uber glam Milan (centre pic), ate ridiculous amounts of pasta and drank too much prosecco. It was perfect. Special thank you to my fabulous MIL, Linda for organising it all.

Well done if you’ve made it this far and as always, thank you for reading… it still amazes me that you do. Normal beauty chat resumes tomorrow! X

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