New Look NEOM & a Burst of Energy


Most of the time I’m happy to use a fairly basic body product, though I do have to be careful as my skin is prone to dry patches and can be quite sensitive. Sometimes I fancy a little extra somethin’, either as an indulgence or for therapeutic reasons; NEOM happens to tick both boxes. There is a vast difference between body products that smell good; are ‘natural’; contain ingredients that actually benefit your skin or sense of wellbeing. In my opinion, NEOM is worth every penny as it makes me - not just my skin - feel good. To make it even easier to select the best products for you, the brand has recently repackaged and recategorised their lines (including some new ones) into Sleep, De-stress, Energy and Happy… ever feel like you could benefit from all four at once? Me too!

Neom-BurstofEnergy-hand body-wash

I chose Burst of Energy from the new range as the Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary scent is right up my street. I can’t begin to tell you how glad I was about this after a long journey and very little sleep this week - this stuff is like (healthy!) caffeine for the senses. There is no way that I would restrict the use of the Body & Hand Wash and Lotion to hands only - and if you try them, you’ll understand why. This scent is so good you will want to use it all over! In addition to Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary essential oils there’s a further 9 essential oils such as neroli and mandarin in the blend… that’s a whole lotta therapy bottled up.

I’m keeping everything crossed that this new fragrance is extended to candles as I’d love to be surrounded by it all day!

Isn’t the new packaging super chic? Check out new look NEOM at

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