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Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne will launch in September. Why not Summer for a beachy scent? (that was my first question too) Because the brand that celebrates British weather (check out the London Rain collection) has captured the invigorating scent of the beach on a cool, windswept day - and bottled it.

No whaft of coconut or tanning oil here… instead imagine a scenario of checked blankets, driftwood, cashmere knits and a flask of hot tea. As a student, I lived overlooking the sea - and much as I love the warm weather, a deserted Autumnal beach was my happy place for 3 years - the wilder the sea, the better. Sand dunes, sea spray, coarse grass and tangled hair are all among my memories.

As a brand, Jo Malone London is all about creating an experience and evoking memories with fragrance - and it does this well. French Master Perfumer, Christine Nagel, was inspired to create Wood Sage & Sea Salt following her visit to the English Coast:

“Like the scent of driftwood, it has a natural and fresh sophistication. A complex combination of wood and the sea is at its core. The feeling is of free-spirited liberty and joy.”

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I definitely get that sense of joy from this feel-good scent, which is both refreshing and (heart) warming at the same time. Imagine standing in front of the sea and filling your lungs with the salty fresh air: that’s the closest I can get to expressing what this smells like.

The perfumer was insistent that (unusually) it contained no floral notes, since none were to be found on the coast; its stripped back composition includes ambrette seed, sea salt and sage, red algae and grapefruit. Although unique and unlike any other fragrance I’ve tried, I think this is a crowd pleaser that most will be drawn to. From my own mini research, it appeals to both men and women equally and there are no sweet or floral elements to be found. It’s good stuff - and while I enjoyed it at first sniff - the more I wear it, the more I become attached to it.

Jo-Malone-Wood-Sage Sea-Salt-collection

The Wood Sage & Sea Salt collection will include 30/100ml Cologne, Body & Hand Wash, Body Crème and a rather gorgeous candle, all launching in September at Jo Malone.

Does a beachy Winter scent appeal to you?

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