Jo Malone London Rain: Rain & Angelica Review

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Sometimes embracing what we can not change or control and injecting it with positivity just works… enter Jo Malone London Rain, an ode to London’s least favourite weather. Master Perfumer, Christine Nagel has romanticised the rainy climate and imbued it with a little magic, capturing the soft sparkle of morning dew through to wild rainstorms at midnight (always my favourite time to experience rain, preferably from under a cosy blanket!). 

I’ve postponed writing about this perfume in recent days as it just didn’t feel right under bright blue, sunny skies - and as a result, have come to associate the beautiful blue ombre bottle and uplifting scent with the feel-good vibe of Spring. Today I ventured into the garden to take pics (in the rain; those are actual rain drops on the bottle) and no doubt earned myself a Local Oddball title by my new neighbours. There is certainly nothing grey or dreary about this Limited Edition collection, also available in White Jasmine & Mint, Wisteria & Violet and Black Cedarwood & Juniper.

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“Glassy beads of dew, awakening a London park at dawn. A revitalising scent, enlivened with herbaceous angelica and juicy lime on an earthy base of vetiver. Aqueous and clear.”

Rain & Angelica is probably as far from my usual Jo Malone fragrance (Dark Amber & Ginger Lily) as I could get. I’m not usually one for aquatic scents, but this one has a soft roundness that buffs away the sharp notes I usually veer from. It represents dewy London parks at early dawn, with rain accord, fresh lime, angelica and vetiver. Initially quite herbal and zesty, it’s the invigorating vetiver that draws me in the most. I find the scent energising on first spritz, softening into a gentle breath of fresh air every time I catch a whaft, which I personally find perfect for this time of year. It lasts fairly well on me, though I do find myself wanting to reapply throughout the day for that initial hit. I think Rain & Angelica is difficult to overdo and quite unisex… I’ve had lots of compliments on it, from children to perfumistas, and think it’s a crowd pleaser that retains individuality. If you’re a fan of refreshing, uplifting scents, then this one is definitely worth checking out.

I haven’t tried the others in the collection, but am drawn to Black Cedarwood & Juniper, associated with seductive, carnal midnight rain - interestingly, this one is already sold out online and the others are in short supply, so don’t hang about if you’re interested, as these are limited edition.

The Jo Malone London Rain Collection is available here.

What’s your favourite Jo Malone or Spring scent?

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