Bourjois Hands & Feet: Magic Nail Polish Remover

Bourjois-Hands Feet-1-second-Nail-Polish-RemoverBourjois-Hands Feet-1-second-Nail-Polish-Remover-review

New in from Bourjois comes Magic Nail Polish Remover Hands & Feet, based on the same principle as the original nails only version in a pink tub, except this one does toes too. If you find nail polish removal a faff, need to do it on-the-go or travel a lot, then this is for you. 

Bourjois-Hands Feet-Nail-Polish-RemoverBourjois-Pedi-Feet-1-second-Nail-Polish-Remover

For fingernails, dip your finger into the sponge filled tub (above left) and swirl. NB there is nail polish remover in the base of this tub, so don’t tip it upside down or it will spill out - yes I really did that once. For toes, tip the pot upside down before removing the lid to soak the mini sponge, then remove lid and swipe mini sponge in lid (above right) over toes to remove polish.

User Tips: Remove polish from big toes last to keep sponge as clean and polish-free as possible as you go along // Wipe off any excess polish from lid sponge onto a piece of kitchen roll or tissue // Remove lid sponge (it pops out) and rinse in water to remove any build up of polish.

While the original was a game changer for me when it came to mani removal, admittedly I don’t find it easier to remove a pedi with this than I do with regular remover and cotton pads. It does, however, have valid benefits…

Toe Benefits

  • Ever tried to remove polish from your toes without smudging your mani? Pretty much impossible, until now.
  • Notice your pedi/mani is chipped as you walk out the door and don’t have time to stop and remove it? Chuck this in your bag and do it on the run.
  • Going on holiday and don’t want to take a full bottle of remover with you? Bingo.
  • Manis need removed every few days, whereas pedis usually last for weeks, so this will be a keeper for quite a while.

Finger Benefits

  • When you chip one nail and want to redo it without affecting the rest of your mani: pop it in the pot & swirl = clean nail without smudging other nails.
  • To clean up post-mani, dip a small brush into the pot, wipe off excess remover on the sponge and clean any smudges around your nail edge with the brush. Much easier than using a full bottle of liquid remover.
  • Toe Benefits Nos. 2 & 3 above also apply to nails.

These are my main uses for this product. I don’t tend to use it for every polish removal as it’s a slightly pricier option, but worth every penny for the convenience it brings and I honestly wouldn’t be without it. The fact that it now works on toes too is a bonus and it will be a staple in my suitcase this Summer.

Bourjois Magic Polish Remover Hands & Feet is currently exclusive to BeautyMART HERE and will roll out into other stores mid May.

Have you tried the original - and do you like the sound of this version?

ps I photographed the tub showing the French labelling; it’s English on the other side, as per below!



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