Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick

Clinque-soft-matte-lipstick-magenta-matte-peony-matte-petal Clinque-soft-matte-lipstick-magenta-peony-petal

You’ve heard me rave about Bourjois Rouge Velvet already - and now we have a new offering in bullet form. Think highly pigmented, longwearing lipstick with a matte finish *and here’s the important bit* that feels comfortable and non-drying on the lips. It’s true. Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick feels creamy on application - and stays that way. It has a little more slip than some of the will-not-budge matte formulas, but in all honesty, I’ll forgive a smidge more touching up for a product that I can wear all week without it drying my lips out… five days and counting.

The colours aren’t quite as POW as some of the other offerings around, though my favourite, Matte Magenta is beautifully vivid and I love the look of Matte Mandarin (spotted on A Model Recommends). And anyway, we don’t all want to have shouty lips, all the time.


Clinque-soft-matte-lipstick-review-matte-magenta-matte-peony-matte-petal Clinque-soft-matte-lipstick-swatches-matte-magenta-matte-peony-matte-petal-Clinque-soft-matte-lipstick-swatches-matte-magenta-matte-peony-matte-petal 

The colours pull enough punch for me and as you can see, are buildable to true intensity. They can also be patted on for a softer look and in terms of wear time, survive drinks but are half way to requiring touch up after food. They do stain the lips and I was quite bemused to see a trace of Matte Peony on my lips through bleary eyes this morning.

On the Lips

Clinique-Soft-Matte-Magenta-Lipstick-applied-on-lips  Clinique-soft-matte-Peony-lipstick-

Apols for the messy hair & rubbish quality of these phone pics, literally snapped on the go during a busy weekend, but it’s always good to see product applied. This is Matte Magenta - true blue-toned magenta (left) and Matte Peony - reddish pink with coral undertones (right).

I do love a strong lip paired with a sweep of bronzer and mascara in Summer - and think these are a great way to achieve this look as they’re just so wearable - and once they’re on, need very little attention.

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipsticks, £17 are available from Boots or Sephora

You like?

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