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I’ve had quite a few queries about the items in my blog category pics at the top of my home page, so although I’d purposely tried to make them look quite generic, I thought I’d do a little post explaining what they all are.  Coincidentally, or at least subconsciously, they include some of my absolute favourite products of the past year.

Skincare: Estelle & Thild Rose Otto Serum

You can read my full review of this {here}, one of my earliest skincare posts. I said it at the time and I still feel the same way; this is one of the most exquisite skincare products I’ve ever used.

Makeup: Clinique Runway Coral Lipstick

This was a limited edition lipstick and has been a firm favourite all Summer… I actually wore it today.  When I’m feeling good, it makes me feel even better and when I look and feel dull as dishwater (like today) it puts an extra little spring in my step.  Yes, a bright lipstick really can do this! I’m not sure if it’s still available, but if not, am really hoping Clinique bring it back again as I’d totally stock up! {Review}

Nails: Butter London Trout Pout

One of the most talked about nail polishes of the Summer.  I’ve worn it on my toes a lot and had lots of compliments - and it’s had more than its fair share of wear on my fingers too.  I’m feeling the Butter London love, as you’ve probably noticed from my posts lately. {Review}

Hair: Model’s Own

Nope, not the nail polish brand, mine. ;)

Fragrance: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Again I’m wearing this today and still get a complete high every time I do. I’ve worn it most days since I got it in fact.  Sometimes I make myself wear other perfumes that I feel I’ve been neglecting, but my heart still lies firmly in Bronze Goddess territory! {Review}

Hope you enjoyed this little round up :)

Nic x

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