Killer Colours Nail Polish: Quicksand & Gunmetal Swatches (& a discount code!)

Killer_Colours_Nail_Polish_Quicksand_Gunmetal_swatchesKiller_Colours_Nail_Polish_Quicksand_swatches (6)

Killer Colours is a new UK nail polish brand launching today, unique in that it will be created in a series of short lived limited edition shades that tie in with the very latest fashion trends.  Every nail polish brand reflects fashion to a degree, but I think this innovative marketing approach will add to the product’s appeal and incite the need-it-now factor.

It reminds me of how I feel about shopping in Zara (one of my favourite stores), where it’s usually a case of buy it now or never!  Annoying if you miss out on something you love, but it’s definitely stopped me dithering over certain purchases - and I like knowing that for the most part, I’m unlikely to show up in the same outfit as someone else.

Killer Colours is created in collaboration with fashion insiders and trend forecasters to ensure that the polishes tie in with the very latest micro trends.


I was sent two shades for review: Gunmetal, “a pewter grey as seen at Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Chanel” & Quicksand, “a chocolate-milk taupe as seen at Valentino, Giles and Miu Miu.” 

Admittedly I’m not crazy about the name, ‘Killer Colours’ but I do like the chunky glass, Chanel-esque bottles (though don’t expect another mini lid underneath like I did!). 

“The salon-approved Killer Colours formula boasts a high colour pigment for a rich, intense colour and gloss, plus UV absorbers for staying power. A blend of 4 plasticisers allows nails to flex without colour chipping, cracking or flaking, and is resistant to water and detergent for increased durability. Killer Colours is free of the ‘Big 3’ toxic chemicals: toluene, DBP and formaldehyde.”



Killer_Colours_Nail_Polish_Quicksand_swatches (2)

I’ll start with my favourite of the two, Quicksand. 

Killer_Colours_Nail_Polish_Quicksand_swatches (5)

In the bottle this reminded me of an all time favourite, Nails Inc Jermyn Street, though as you can see in my swatches here, Jermyn St is darker and cooler in tone.

Killer_Colours_Nail_Polish_Quicksand_swatchesKiller_Colours_Nail_Polish_Quicksand_swatches (4)

I’d describe this colour as a mushroom taupe, with a hint of mauve undertone. The finish is really glossy… I (stupidly) applied hand cream before taking the two pics above, which has dulled the finish, (didn’t notice ‘til I saw the pics) but you can see how gorgeously glossy this is in the shot above, which wasn’t even taken in direct light.

Killer_Colours_Nail_Polish_Quicksand_swatches (3)

These polishes are highly pigmented and really creamy in texture, to the extent that they are opaque in one coat. I did use two (without topcoat), but if you were in a rush, you could totally get away with one.



Killer_Colours_Nail_Polish_Gunmetal_swatches (2)

I was expecting Gunmetal to be a glossy dark grey crème; in fact it’s almost black, with a pearlised dark silver shimmer through it.  It’s very glamorous and a gorgeous AW shade.  I’d never wear a plain black polish, but would totally wear this.


Interestingly, it doesn’t quite look like a metallic; you can differentiate between the cream and shimmer - and it’s still glossy without top coat. Here's a closer look at the bottle…


See the lovely silvery swirl in the sunlight? (sometimes I write things like this and then think, good lord if anyone with less than a passing interest in nail polish reads this they’ll totally think I’m nuts).

Killer_Colours_Nail_Polish_Gunmetal_swatches (4)

This above shot looks like it was taken with flash; it’s actually direct sunlight - and illustrates just how delicate the shimmer is.

Killer_Colours_Nail_Polish_Gunmetal_swatches (3)

In the shade, it’s more of a sheen than shimmer, that leaves your nails looking glossy in any light.  Again, this shade applies with incredible opacity and lasts well on the nails.  A glamorous alternative to black, which would look great bejewelled or with an accent nail.

Killer Colours will normally cost £9 each, but to celebrate today’s launch, I’ve been given a special discount for my readers using code NT01 at the checkout, giving you 15% discount off every colour in the range, so each one is just £7.65 with free UK p&p! (not sure when this expires, sorry, but don’t hang about!)

Check out the full range at

Do you like the sound of this new brand? The Firewater shade is next on my list! 

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