ORLY Glow: All Fired Up Autumn Winter 2012 Collection

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Glow, a nude crème, is part of ORLY’s All Fired Up Collection for Autumn Winter 2012.  In all honesty, these very pale nude tones don’t excite me a lot, probably because I don’t think they suit my skin tone, but I know lots of you love them so here are some swatches! Generally speaking, Dior Safari Beige is as light and mannequinesque as I tend to go {review here}.


Glow is an extremely pale nude, in a tone that almost reminds me of the palest sand on tropical beaches.  It applies well and is opaque in two coats, though I generally wear three with such light shades.


I was surprised to see a polish named Glow in such close succession to ORLY’s Summer 2012 Glowstick, the most neon yellow ever!  For this reason, I felt obliged to neon this one up just a teensy bit!

ORLY-Glow_Swatch_All_Fired_Up_Fall_2012 (4)

Better, huh?  I like it so much more like this!

ORLY-Glow_Swatch_All_Fired_Up_Fall_2012 (3)

I did the little row of dots using ORLY Cabana Boy {review here - eek how much smaller my thighs were a year ago!} and my new dotting tool, which I’m holding in these pics, part of a set I picked up for peanuts on eBay.

ORLY-Glow_Swatch_All_Fired_Up_Fall_2012 (2)

It’s really easy to use… just dip the end in the polish and dot on your nails. 

ORLY All Fired Up Collection

Orly-Fired-Up-Collection-2012      Flare                         Flicker                         Glow                        Ignite                        Rapture                   Smoulder


Which would you choose?  It’s quite a classic AW set; for me the stand outs are Flicker, a metallic burnt orange and Ignite, a cherry red crème.  Each shade costs £7.50, though I’d be most likely to go for this cute set of minis from Beauty Bay for £12.95.

Does All Fired Up ignite your fire, or are you just smouldering? (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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