Clinique Runway Coral Lipstick ~ Review & Swatches

I’m back with another coral lip today at the opposite end of the spectrum from yesterday’s pastel toned Trout Pout.  I’m head over heels with both shades, which will definitely be Summer staples for me.  Runway Coral is Clinique’s vibrant new coral lipstick, a limited edition inspired by Jenna Menard’s makeup for the S/S12 Karen Walker show.

Clinique-Runway-Coral (7)

Runway Coral is about as bright as coral goes and makes a gorgeous alternative to red.  It’s a great one to wear when you’re feeling bright and confident - or in need of a little pick me up!  It’s just one of those shades that I find energising to wear.  As this is an online exclusive I’ve tried to include as much detail as possible to help you decide if it’s for you.

Clinique-Runway-Coral (2) Clinique-Runway-Coral (4)Clinique-Runway-Coral (5) Clinique-Runway-Coral

I’ve used Clinique lipsticks a lot in the past but it’s been a while - and I forgot how much I love them.  The texture of this is beautiful - it’s the creamiest I’ve tried in ages and although long lasting, feels moisturising on the lips.  I can’t figure out how Clinique has managed to make this so pigmented, moisturising + long lasting at the same time, but the combination is a winner for me!

Clinique-Runway-Coral-swatch Clinique-Runway-Coral-swatch (2)Clinique-Runway-Coral (11) Clinique-Runway-Coral (13)

As you can see in these swatches, it leaves a lovely sheen when applied.  (Since my captions seem to have shrunk on the lip pics, the one on the right was taken with a flash.)

“…treats lips to hours of creamy, comfortable coverage that won't dry out, feather, crease or cake, thanks to advanced moisturising ingredients and pigments that cling to lips for an incredibly smooth even colour that stays true and stays put.”

Clinique-Runway-Coral (9)

Please excuse the spaced out expression in this pic, but it was the one that showed the colour best! I’ve tried (using non Clinique products) to recreate the look that Clinique’s Global Colour Artist, Jenna Menard, suggested for this lipstick - with slightly flushed cheeks and a neutral eye. 

You can see the exact products Jenna used with Runway Coral here (Lid Smoothie in Bit O’Honey and Powder Blush Precious Posy look particularly gorgeous and are def on my list!)

I can’t think of any negatives really, except that I would have called this Catwalk Coral!

Available now only at RRP £16

                                                                                              Clinique-Runway-Coral (8)

                                                                                             Thanks for reading - will you treat yourself?  Mwah, Nic x



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