Liz Earle Healthy Glow Cream Blush in Coral 05

Liz Earle Cream Blush Coral (2)

It’s difficult to choose makeup online, but of everything in Liz Earle’s recently launched colour range, the blush appealed to me the most. 

*My name is Nic & I have a serious weakness for blusher.*

Nectar and Rose both look pretty, but gotta go with Coral (my other weakness) for Summer.

Liz Earle Cream Blush Coral (3)Liz Earle Cream Blush Coral

There isn’t much pink in this coral; it’s predominantly orange in tone, like a soft tangerine. The packaging is chic and simple, a little navy mirrored compact speckled with glitter.

I really liked that it arrived with colour cards for the full range (giving me ideas for future purchases, naturally!).

Liz Earle Cream Blush Coral (4)

Here is how the actual colour compares to that on the card, slightly lighter and brighter, but close enough.  I also like the little blank space next to each colour, allowing you to compare them to your own existing products.

Liz Earle Cream Blush Coral Swatch

A heavy swatch by hand (top) and a lighter one with my beloved Bdellium Tools Duet Fibre brush {review here, available here}.  I use this brush to apply it to my cheeks; the product is very creamy and buildable… I just stipple it on, patting it onto my cheeks without too much movement so as not to disturb the foundation below it.

Liz Earle Cream Blush Coral Swatch (2)

A closer look at swatches… despite being initially creamy, the finish is almost powdery, as you can probably see in the heavier swatch here.  It also works on lips - in fact it’s a perfect lip colour for me - though I prefer it with the addition of gloss or applied over my EOS lip balm {review here} for a more comfortable, natural finish.

Liz Earle Cream Blush Coral Applied

Please excuse the pic (tired eyes + little eye makeup = not a good mix!) but at least my cheeks and lips look healthy!  While it didn’t blow me away, I do like the colour and formula of this blush - it’s very comfortable on the skin and lasting power is ok on me, requiring a touch up during the day, though this may vary on different people.

Liz Earle will extend its Colour collection this Autumn with foundation, mascara, lip colour, lip pencils and more brushes and tools - I’m looking forward to experimenting more!

Healthy Glow Cream Blush is £16.50 here. Have you tried any Liz Earle blushes - or anything else from her Colour range?  I’m curious to know how the powder blushers perform.

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