Imedeen Hair & Nails Supplements: Beauty Resolutions #1

As a beauty blogger, I often have to discipline myself to stick to various regimes in order to thoroughly test products before sharing my views with you.  Sometimes it seems I perform so many ‘beauty rituals’ that I feel like a diva (& yes there are times when I feel like forgetting it all for a night & just jumping into bed!).  At other times I’m aware that I neglect certain procedures that I shouldn’t… simple things like applying cuticle oil religiously. 

So I’ve decided to lay my cards on the table and share with you which beauty regime I plan to stick to each month, in the hope that you can hold me accountable… in fact I’d love it if some of you would join me so we can spur eachother on!

First up is supplements.  Not very sexy, but I’m becoming increasingly convinced of their benefits.  Now I don’t know about you, but I’m useless at taking supplements.  I buy them full of great intentions, give them pride of place where I’ll see them daily (usually the cupboard where I keep breakfast things), be a good girl for a few days, then start thinking ‘oh I’ll take them later…’ and on it goes. 

IMEDEEN Hair & NailsIMEDEEN Hair & Nails 2IMEDEEN Hair & NailsIMEDEEN Hair & Nails 2

I’ve recently started a new set, which I’m actually excited about, because I really think they will work: Imedeen Hair & Nails.  I’ve heard great things about Imedeen’s skincare supplements, so am enthusiastic about taking these and hope my anticipation will help me stick to taking them regularly!

They claim to help maintain healthy hair and nails via a targeted combination of key nutrients and new formula upgrade.  Ingredients include up to ten times more Biotin than other supplements (for hair growth and follicle formation), zinc (to maintain healthy hair and nails), silica and vitamin B complex. 

I’m on a 3 month trial and will of course report back on my findings. Customers have even reported a difference in eyelash growth, so I have high hopes!

IMEDEEN’s Hair & Nails capsules relaunch in Boots nationwide tomorrow (August 1st) RRP £23.99

Anyone else up for monthly beauty resolutions? (why save these things for January?!)

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