eos Medicated Tangerine Lip Balm


It’s probably not cool to get this excited about a lipbalm but I’m in love with this little orange ball of gorgeousness!  My lips have been quite dry in this rather chilly ‘Spring’ snap, which is why I was drawn to the medicated balm, but this product does come in other scrummy flavours like Lemon Drop and Honeysuckle Honeydew.

It’s not just an emollient, but is packed with antioxidants, zinc, Vitamins C & E and shea butter, shea butter and jojoba oil.


If Apple made lip balms they would look like this.  The design is just genius. It’s quite big as you can see, almost the width of my palm, where it sits quite often as I have to fend off family and visitors from stealing it.


The lid just twists off and the balm itself is quite firm, but has quite a bit of give on the surface - so it coats your lips with a layer of protection in one swipe.

I bought mine from cutECOsmetics.co.uk for £5.95 with free uk p&p (always helps, doesn’t it?!)

Have your lips been feeling the cold lately? When it warms up a bit I plan to treat myself to the Lemon Drop with spf.

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