Bdellium foundation & shadow brushes #778 + #953

I’ve been meaning to do a post on my makeup brushes for ages… I’ve got a few new ones in the past couple of months that I’ve been loving lots (Real Techniques, adesign, Daniel Sandler) so will post about those another time. 

Despite using brushes for years, it’s only recently that I’ve come to appreciate the true effect they have on makeup application, largely thanks to some fantastic makeup artists who I follow on twitter and on their blogs: Kenneth Soh, Sam Donald, Lisa Eldridge & the Pixiwoos.


Today I’m going to talk about an eco-friendly vegan range I discovered recently, Bdellium Tools (try saying that after a glass of wine!). Bdellium’s Green Bambu Series is made with sustainable bamboo handles and vegan soft synthetic bristles, which are hypoallergenic & 100% cruelty-free.


I was sent two to try: the large shadow #778 and duet fiber foundation #953.  I like the look, size and feel of these brushes… I wasn’t crazy about the green tinged bristles to begin with, but they don’t stay that colour for long when dipped in product!


What impressed me most was how exceptionally soft they both are. This pic is a bit overexposed as it was taken in direct sunlight, but I hope it captures how soft and fluffy they are. The foundation brush initially seemed quite small to me… I’d already downsized from my huge flat topped Elf to the Real Techniques Stippling for foundation - and this was yet another step smaller.  I was amazed the first time I used it at how quickly and easily it applied product - and how little product I seemed to need. At least 1/3 less than normal I’d say.

The foundation brush feels silky soft on the skin and left such a flawless finish I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. It’s flat ended and while not described as a stippling brush (I think the hairs are usually longer on a stippling) it performs very similarly to one - and looks more like one when product is applied. I warm foundation in my hand, smooth it out a little, then dip the bristle tips into the product and swirl it over my face in little circular movements. I thought this would take ages, but it doesn’t!


The eyeshadow brush is lovely to use too and works well both for applying and blending product. The slightly pointed tip is useful for creasework and while I’ve only used it for quite natural looks so far, I’m very happy with it. I’d definitely need a finer brush for more detailed work or lining (I often line my eye with shadow for a softer look), so I plan to add to my collection with the smokey eyeliner and tapered blending brush!


As you can see, there is just a small amount of ‘give’ when light pressure is placed on the bristles; the brushes hold their shape well.

I was taken aback when I checked the prices of these brushes on Cute Cosmetics; based on the quality and performance I’d genuinely expected these to cost a lot more.  Prices start at just £6.50 and range up to £14.95 for a kabuki. The eyeshadow brush I have is part of a Mineral set of 5 which costs £37.95 - brilliant value - and the foundation brush (coming soon) will be £11.95. You can see the full range of Bdellium Tools here.

I’ve been so impressed with CutECOsmetics’ product range and very personalised customer service.  I bought my first OCC Lip Tar from there (reviewed earlier this week). Other gorgeous brands include Figs & Rouge, Betty Hula and EOS. Go forth and browse girls!  CuteECOsmetics

What brushes are you using the most at the moment? Thanks for reading, NIc x

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