One Stop Self Tanning Shop ~ which one is right for you?

I tutted at myself today as I realised I’ve been self tanning most of the winter, hiding golden limbs under winter woollies… and then the minute there’s enough heat to get my legs out, they’re bottle white!

Self tanning can be very daunting if it’s not something you’re familiar with.  From compiling this post I’ve realised I may be a bit over familiar, eek - but hopefully that’s to your benefit! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on more products in the run up to summer, but assuming I’m not the only one who got caught out ‘unprepared’ in the UK’s recent sunny weather, I thought it might be useful to give a quick rundown of some favourites I’ve used and loved to date…

If you’re not comfortable with applying self tanning products, I wrote a foolproof guide here.

Instant Self Tan

An utter godsend for moments like the above.  It’s hot… I can’t bear to cover up completely but neither do I want to blind everyone with my fluro skin.


Karora - a recent discovery. Natural, organic wash off formula for a golden glow with a subtle sheen. Review 


Fame Instant Mineral Tan by Rockstar Tan - gorgeously golden splashproof instant tan for face & body

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion - great formula, easy to apply, instant deep colour with wear off formula

Anatomicals Tanatomicals body and face instant tan - good for darker skins

Review of above three


Gradual Tans

Also known as moisturising self tanners. Basically a body lotion that includes a small amount of self tanning properties, allowing you to build a gradual tan through applying daily or every few days until you achieve the result you want.  The colour will build over around 4 hrs then wear off naturally and is generally quite light in colour, so perfect for this time of year.

076 054

Xen Tan Transform - smells divine and gives a gorgeous golden colour. Great on its own or for topping up a natural or faux tan.

Entourage Gradual Tan by Rockstar Tan - perfect for very pale skins, gives subtle colour and nourishment, pretty foolproof!   Review of both


Karora Gradual Bronzing Moisturiser SPF 15 - gorgeously moisturising, natural golden tan - Review


Full on Self Tanning products

Personally I think instant and gradual tanners are the way to go at this time of year, when a golden glow is more flattering than a full on tropical tan.  If you can’t wait for a bronzing bonanza, here are tried & tested reviews of some standard self tanners (each name links to my review):

If you can’t stand the biscuity smell of self tan, Xen-Tan Scent Secure makes it disappear - don’t ask me how; it just does! I reviewed its newest Gold formula here, which contains 24c gold leaf and doubles up as a beautiful instant tanner!

Gosh I’ve reviewed a lot of self tanners!  If you have any questions, tips or favourites, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for reading, Nic x




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