St Moriz Dark

My friends call me the self tanning Queen... I like to fake it!  As a strawberry blonde I don't go super dark in the sun, so prefer to stick to my natural skintones when faking. I like a light golden colour at this time of year and a slightly deeper shade in high Summer.  I've tried lots of high end and various low end self tanners in the past. 

My favourites to date would probably be: 
  • High End - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
  • Middle - L'Oreal Sublime Pro Spray
  • Low - Dove Medium-Dark
          St Moriz Dark
Must admit that I was not hugely impressed when I first tried St Moriz last Summer.  It made very little difference to my skin colour at all, so would perhaps work well for someone super pale with self.tan.fear!

My face lit up when I spotted St Moriz Dark in my local chemist last week and for £3.99 I couldn't resist giving it a go...

I prepped my skin by exfoliating the night before and moisturising dry areas and anywhere I didn't want the colour to 'take' too much eg feet, knees, ankles, elbows, wrists...

I applied using latex gloves as this stuff stains the hands big time! It's either gloves or wash 10 times during application & exfoliate palms after. Gloves are easier, believe me - I've tried both!

                   St Moriz Dark Mousse
Not the prettiest, eh? LOL

Be warned - this mousse is quite temperamental and can sometimes zoom out  in liquid form. Don't use it near anything you'd mind getting stained!

            Before                                      Just applied - showing tint

Next day - after colour developed, with tint rinsed off
Verdict: While I definitely prefer this to the original St Moriz, I feel the colour is a bit too obviously fake for me - not sure if it shows in the pics but I feel it's a little orangey in real life.  I also found that it clung to any slightly dry patches. At this price, I'd happily use it on my legs for everyday, but for special occasions I really think it's hard to beat the high end formulas. Any self tanning recs you may have will be happily received! :)

If you've tried this product or the original St Moriz, what did you think?  If not, which self tanner (if any) are you using and what do you think of it?


  1. Oh, so you're the Queen, ha? Interesting! I love St. Moritz, not a huge fan of tanning, so this will do just fine for me!

  2. omg! I'm not even joking when I tell you how excited I am about St Moriz DARK!! Where did you find this?? I use the original formula and I don't mind it, I prefer to use a gradual tanner (Garnier summer body atm) and then St Tropez for special occasions, but I'd def give this a go if you think it's better than the original!


  3. I think it looks a lovely colour on you. When I was an air hostess this was a favourite amongst the crew because of the believable colour and the price. Fab review. Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. Wow! Quite a huge difference in the colour! Looks pretty good if you ask me. I'm no expert in self tanning because my skin tone tends to be ok with most brands I've tried without resulting in orange. This is probably worth a check out purely for price and it's obvious name! Lol! Thanks lovely! xx

  5. @ArtDonatella I ain't no Queen lol. Friends call me this as I love to self tan so much!

    @Emma I just spotted it in my local chemist! Maybe try eBay or Amazon? If you have no luck I don't mind posting you one, just let me know.

    @Jude thank you - I actually think it will worl better when I've a bit of a natural tan underneath, later in summer. At this time of year my fluro skin is still showing through lol so I think I'm better with a lighter colour at the moment. Def not writing this one off at all! :)

    @Kenneth Thank you for your comments - am glad you like the colour! Self tans work so differently on all of us depending on our skintone. Experimenting is half the fun! :)

  6. I have to say I hated this stuff- sorry to the lovers but yikes. I mean the medium stuff, not dark, I would never even dare.
    The normal version turned e a nice shade of orange with streaks down my arms and it smelled so bad.. So I never used it again.

    I like your colour after - but on me it was awful ,too much orange in there..

  7. Great review! Sounds like a pretty good product and the colour looks really natural in the photos. I normally use St Tropez lotion but have been on the hunt for something a little bit cheaper to use in between. May give this one a go!

  8. I'm really pale and picked up the regular St. Moritz to try out. I'm a bit scared though!!

    Lauren x

  9. Hi Lauren I honestly wouldn't worry about the regular one - it's a shock when you first apply it as the tint is so dark. I actually loved the colour and was gutted when it all rinsed off - but most of it does, leaving a light tan. Good luck & let us know how you get on!

    Stina I actually updated this post (but it's disappeared) to say that after a couple more showers the colour softened and looked a lot more natural, so I'll def be finishing the bottle!


  10. Definitely going to try this! Have you treid xen-tan? Maddy gave bad reviews but another friend loves it! I think you've really got to find a fake tan that suits you/works for you. not everyone likes the same or indeed, not everything reacts the same on different skin, dkywim?

  11. Absolutely V I totally agree! I haven't used xen-tan... read mixed reports & it seems to have a lovely colour but heard it doesn't last long on the skin? It's a pricier experiment though, def worth trying St Moriz first. x

  12. Great review! I can't say I like the original st. moriz, so I just use it for my legs. My all time favourite tab is Xen tan... The best colour I I've ever seen and I dont even need to moisturise my hands, knees and elbows! I really want to try Sunbelievable now though, just to see what it's like :p

  13. i havent seen the dark one yet i love the original its one of my faves !!! i think it looks nice on ur legs very even x x x


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