Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencils ~ Lampchop & Bossy Boots

Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencils

Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencils are a little big gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to try them.  I guess the concept is akin to Clinique Chubby sticks, which I haven’t tried (yet!).

Laqa & Co Lampchop

I love the logo and love the twisty ends, colour matched to the product, which simply wind up as the product wears down - no messy sharpening required.  The tube is made of fairly sturdy plastic.

Laqa & Co Lampchop (2)

The lip pencils are fairly dinky, but bigger than a regular lipstick and very cosmetics bag/ handbag/ pocket friendly.

Laqa & Co Lampchop (3)

Lampchop is my favourite shade in the range, a pretty, medium pink. Not baby pink, not fuchsia.

Laqa & Co Lampchop Fat Lip Pencil

Medium application in direct sunlight - a gentle pretty pink. So I was quite surprised when I tried it again a few days later and it looked like this…

Laqa & Co Lampchop swatch

Pretty bright, huh? Almost verging on neon… this was a heavier application over lipbalm. This is quite a matt lip product and while it feels ok worn alone, I much prefer it over a balm. Of course this will reduce the staying power a little, but that didn’t bother me too much. Speaking of which, I’d say it lasts somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick… it definitely needs reapplied several times throughout the day.

Laqa & Co Lampchop (4)

I had planned to crop the upper half of my face from this pic but left it in to give you a giggle!

Laqa & Co Bossy Boots

The second colour I tried was Bossy Boots.  Love to know where the name inspiration came from… others include Fairy Blood, Wolfman and Ring of Fire. Ahem!

Laqa & Co Bossyboots Swatch (2)

Bossy Boots is a very wearable berry shade… it can be built up for a much deeper colour, which would work well for evenings or perhaps a winter lip, but I prefer it worn quite naturally like this.  I didn’t apply lipbalm immediately before application, but as you can see the texture of Bossy Boots is more glossy than Lampchop.  If you look at the end the pencil, the colour is glossy, whereas Lampchop’s is matte, which I assume is an intentional correlation.

Laqa & Co Swatch Lampchop, Bossy Boots

Lampchop and Bossy Boots: light & heavy swatches in direct sunlight (above) and natural light (below).

Laqa & Co Swatches Lampchop, Bossy Boots

Laqa & Co artwork

Laqa & Co Cosmetics are packaged in unique artwork from young designers, who receive a percentage of the profit from every colour bought.  I love this concept and was mesmerised by the packaging, which is almost too pretty to throw away.

Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencils are available from for £12.99 each


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