NEW: Xen-Tan Launches Scent Secure Gold


Xen-Tan has struck gold with today’s UK launch of a brand new product, Scent Secure Gold.  And if you want to shimmer your way into 2012 this New Year’s Eve, time is of the essence as only 50 of these beauties are up for grabs today, Boxing Day!  (The full launch will take place in the New Year) 

A step up from the original formula, Scent Secure Gold is a tinted moisturiser containing 24k gold leaf, which leaves a beautiful subtle shimmer on the skin and eradicates that horrid biscuity smell that lingers as self tans develop.  Suitable for use on both the face and body, it is paraben and oil free, richly moisturising and contains a skin firming complex.

Designed to be worn either alone or on top of a tan to enhance skin colour it provides a really gorgeous gleam and the shimmer effect is only really noticeable under the light. There is no DHA within the product, so it can be washed off, though I’d be wary of wearing very light clothes with it, just incase.  I was honoured to be one of the few people to try this in advance of its launch and tell you all about it - here’s how I got on…


I was initially alarmed at how dark it looks coming out of the tube (fear not - it blends out well!)


Check that 24k gold leaf shimmer!


Partly blended… still pretty daunting and a tad ‘muddy’ in tone…


Fully blended out, an gentle olive toned, golden shade.


I hope you can see from the pics that from a distance the skin appears to have a slight golden sheen, but close up in the light you can see a few little flecks of gold - thankfully they are quite sporadic and not at all OTT.

The official advice is to apply this product one hour after a self tan (if scent is the issue), or any time as a tinted moisturiser. I really like the colour and think it looks quite natural, even on my currently lily white skin. It’s very quick and easy to blend and a little goes a long way. It smells clean and fresh and does tackle the self tan smell, although that’s not something I personally have a big issue with, unless I’ve applied tan before going out in the evening and don’t want to ‘develop’ a pong as the night goes on…

The only drawback for me is the price as £26.99 seems quite steep for a product like this, but when you consider that it:

  • lightly tans
  • removes that yucky biscuity smell
  • moisturises
  • tones and firms
  • adds shimmer
  • contains real gold leaf

I guess it’s not that bad!

What do you think - would you be tempted to try something like this?

Scent Secure Gold is available at for £26.99 and remember only 50 are available to the public today, Boxing Day!

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