Estee Lauder DayWear BB Crème Light 01 ~ Review & Swatches

It’s easy to get confused (& excited in my case!) by the current influx of new foundations, BB Creams and natural skin finishes. The process of choosing the right product for you can be an overwhelming and expensive experience. I hope I can help you decide if Estee Lauder’s new DayWear Beauty Benefit Crème is the one for you.

Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light (2)Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light (3)  Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light (5)

As a little reminder before I begin, my winter skin is dry, fair in colouring and I normally wear a medium to full coverage foundation. 

Single Step Skincare
Described as suitable for every skin type, Estee Lauder DayWear Beauty Benefit Crème contains spf 35 (massive gold star from me), is powered with ‘the most advance complex of skin essential antioxidants’ and ‘does it all in one single step’.  Much as I adore skincare, sometimes I long for a product that does it all, so this was music to my ears (I’ve been known to mix serum, spf and moisturiser in my palm before applying to kill 3 birds with one stone - no idea if this is ‘naughty’ or not!). 

Will I still need moisturiser?
This oil free product is designed to ‘protect, perfect and moisturise’ all at once. I’ve no doubt that it does this, although I found it worked best for me with my regular moisturiser applied first… I tried to do this 10 mins or so before applying, while I pottered around doing other things. (This is why my skincare and makeup spans the kitchen, hall, bathroom and bedroom!). Normal or oily skins could probably skip this step and I may not need it myself in summer, but winter weather and central heating dry my skin out, so it needs a little extra help.

The Science Bit
“Sheer Pigments, Brightening Optics and Light-Reflective Pearls work in synergy to perfect skin. Additionally, a potent Blend of Balanced Hydrators and Barrier-Boosting Lipids provide deep,
lasting moisturisation.”

“…clinically shown in in-vivo testing to offer 8 hour anti-oxidant protection. The anti-oxidant
combination is so effective that it helps neutralise every key type of skin-damaging free radical that can lead to premature signs of ageing.”
- again, music to my ears!

Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light (4)

So what is it actually like to use?
I was sent a sample of this product in 01 Light. It only comes in 2 shades, Light and Medium - and as the Light was a touch dark for me, it probably won’t work for the palest of skins. I’m quite happy as I expect to use this most in Summer, when my skin will be a touch darker anyway.
The coverage is quite sheer, but surprisingly buildable, which I’ll illustrate in a moment. I’ve often used Estee Lauder DayWear products in the past, including the moisturiser, tinted moisturiser (now discontinued) and Sheer Tint (which I adore). Like the others, the BB Crème has the signature clean, fresh cucumber scent, which I adore. It feels rich and creamy in texture, applies beautifully with either fingers or a brush and feels cooling and soothing on my skin.

Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light, Concealer Light

I’ve swatched it alongside two other Estee Lauder products to try and give you an idea of both colour and texture. On the left is Double Wear Concealer in Light 01, middle - BB Crème and on the right, Double Wear Light foundation in 03 (which incidentally is way too dark for me - I was colour matched for this just after a holiday).

Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light (6)

As you can probably see by how it peaks above, the texture is more rich and creamy than both the concealer and foundation, despite the coverage being lighter.

Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light swatch

The colour doesn’t look that much darker than the concealer once blended out a little. I did use the two together and they complement oneanother very well… I definitely still need some concealing under my eyes, around the nose and on any blemishes while using the BB Crème. I don’t need any powder with it: the effect is quite matte on its own.

Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light (7)

While it’s not particularly clear in this pic, fully blended the concealer and foundation cover all freckles while the BB Crème only partially covers.
I was surprised how buildable coverage is in this product.  One layer gives sheer coverage… you can see on the left hand pic below that freckles are still very visible.  On the right, two layers hasn’t eradicated them completely, but it has given greater coverage, while maintaining a natural finish.

One fine layer of EL BB Crème ^  

Two fine layers of EL BB Crème ^

I’d describe the coverage as mid way between a tinted moisturiser and a light coverage foundation, but the buildable element allows the finish to be comparable to that of a light coverage foundation.  It could definitely be used for a no-makeup-makeup look, which would be brilliant on holidays or at weekends. With the addition of concealer I’m confident about wearing this as an everyday makeup… the pics below show it worn with Double Wear concealer.

Estee Lauder BB Cream 01 Light (9)

This is how I’ve been wearing Estee Lauder BB Crème most days for the past week, with Double Wear concealer, Benefit Hervana blusher, mascara and gloss. I’ve actually really enjoyed the more natural look and it’s definitely saved me time in the mornings!

This product can also be worn under your regular foundation, which I’ve tried and found it gives a really perfect finish, though my favourite method is with just a light touch of foundation over the top in areas that need extra coverage.

Estee Lauder BB Crème costs £34 for 30ml HERE, so a bit more than the brand’s regular foundations, though you may be able to skip moisturiser and spf with this one. Estee Lauder at Debenhams has a free gift with purchase until 17th March (choose from a makeup or skincare gift) which I think is only available instore.
What’s your favourite product for the natural look?

I’m on a bit of a foundation roll at the moment and have several more reviews coming up…so please do pop back soon or subscribe for updates!  Thanks for reading, Nic x

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