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I love discovering makeup brands that are new to me, especially when they turn out to be even better than I expected.  Myface cosmetics are cleverly divided into fair, medium and dark categories, with each product slotting in to one of the three - from lipgloss to foundation. This makes it really easy to choose which would work best with your skintone, though obviously you are free to mix and match and a pale person is free to cross over to ‘the dark side’!

Mymix Foundation - Fair 01


There are 3 foundation shades within the fair/medium and dark categories… I was sent the lightest 01, which luckily suits me perfectly!  It comes in a slim lightweight, squeezable plastic tube, which makes it really transportable and user friendly.

“Myface Mymix Foundation is designed to be in sync with your skin tone and has been professionally mixed and matched by experts according to skin tone. This lightweight formula delivers a modern, retouched finish for an instant image upgrade.”


Although well pigmented, the formula is quite liquid as you can see in the above swatch, so it applies really quickly and easily.  I’ve been using a cream foundation lately and while I love the finish of it (Laura Mercier Crème Smooth), I’ve been longing for something like this for when I’m in a hurry and have less time for application, or just want a more natural look.  This product works well applied with fingers or my Real Techniques stippling brush (which I’m loving!). 

The colour looks lighter in real life than it does here, so don’t be put off if you think it looks dark.  It’s probably the lightest foundation I’ve worn, though I do tend to lean towards lighter shades and prefer to warm them up with bronzer and blusher if necessary.  Foundation is not for adding colour to your face and lighter tones definitely make my face look brighter and more radiant.


Above, MyMix Fair #01, fully blended in direct sunlight and shade.  I’d describe this as light to medium coverage.  It made me think of a rich tinted moisturiser in terms of application… it does give a very natural look and less coverage than I’d normally go for, but it’s very buildable. The finish is dewy and quite luminous, which suits me well as my skin is quite dry at this time of year.

mymix foundation - £9.99 (Fair, Medium, Med/Dark)


R&B Rouge Blusher - Fair


Next up are these blushing beauties, which I think are just so cute! The packaging isn’t like anything I’ve seen before - it’s contemporary, slim and stylish - and really nice to hold. Like the foundation, it’s easy to store in your makeup bag and  the resemblance to an iPhone is quite quirky! I also like the large mirror inside, which you can see in the first pic at the start of this post.


Paradisio Pink is a bright babydoll pink, which is much more vivid in real life than it appears here.  It came out quite dusky in the pics and it’s not at all, as you can see in the swatches below. Believe it or not, both of the above pics are of the same colour! The brush that comes with the compact isn’t brilliant - there’s a lot of fallout when using it (above right), which doesn’t happen with my stippling brush or ELF blusher brush.


Holiday is a coral/orange toned blush with gold shimmer.  I expected it to look a bit like NARS Orgasm on the skin but it doesn’t at all. It’s much more vivid. I also expected it to be very bright and quite difficult to wear, again no - and the gold glitter is very subtle when applied - in fact most of it seems to just fall away.


Heavy & blended swatches of Paradisio Pink and Holiday in sunlight (top), and blended in natural light.  Aren’t they pretty?  They are very pigmented - I literally just touch the blush with my brush, tap or blow off excess and apply… this is enough for both cheeks.  I especially love the pink, maybe because it’s what I’m used to, but Holiday is surprisingly wearable too and would probably look even better on darker skintones.

R&B Rouge blusher - £9.99

Overall I think these products are great value for money. The look, feel and performance is much higher quality than I expected at this price point.

I’ll post a face of the day wearing these products this week so you can see what they’re like when worn. Hope you enjoyed this and if you have any other myface recs I’m all ears!

Ohhh I’ve just googled to check where these can be purchased and there’s 1/3 off at the moment at Boots!

Mymix foundation is £8.66 instead of the usual £12.99 and Myface Rouge Blusher is £6.66 instead of £9.99 - get shopping girls!


ps just to let you know I’ve recently installed Skimlinks on my blog, which means that if you purchase via certain links I get a small percentage of the value. I’m honestly not exactly sure if it works on every link, but just wanted to let you know and be open about it! I’m not trying to pull a fast one & only ever post links to help you source a product! xx

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