Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel on Buyapowa Bloggers’ Week

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Beauty bloggers were recently asked to suggest which product we’d most like to see appear at a reduced price on the Buyapowa website…  so naturally my choice was the most desirable beauty product of SS 2012, Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel.  I know that lots of you would love to treat yourselves to this if it weren’t for the steep cost (£46 ouch!), so I hope that nominating it to appear at a reduced price will make it a little more accessible! 

For many of you, Blush Horizon de Chanel needs no introduction. This beautiful blusher is made up of five pretty sunset tones, which blend together beautifully to create the prettiest coral with a feint sheen (not shimmer, not glitter, just a pretty sheen). The colours can also be used individually to highlight and contour.  I first saw this in Singapore at Christmas, when it literally stopped me in my tracks - and I’ve been daydreaming about owning one ever since!

Here are the swatch pics I took in Singapore - apologies for the poor quality as these were taken on my mobile, but I hope you can see the pretty glow towards my wrist on the left and above the lipgloss swatches (from the same collection) on the right. The blusher itself is displayed on the stand behind my hand.

073Chanel Spring 2012 Makeup Swatches

For anyone not familiar with Buyapowa, it’s a website that sells a variety of products at discounted prices… I’m naturally most inclined towards the beauty products and have snapped up a few bargains including Dior Crystal Nude and a Bobbi Brown concealer. In a nutshell, how it works is that an item is sold at a discounted price, but the more people who purchase an item, the more discounted the price becomes. You can see exactly how it works by visiting Buyapowa - it’s really easy to use and you can login via your Facebook account.

This week’s Beauty Bloggers’ voted for products are now live, so go check them out here: LIVE CO BUYS and keep an eye out for the Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel, which I think may go live tomorrow!

Chanel is now LIVE - click here to view or buy for £37.50!

*This link is personal to me & there’s a chance I could win one for free if you use it to purchase yours. You don’t have to of course, but I’d be rather chuffed if you did!*

Other gorgeous Beauty Blogger co-buys I have my eye on include Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Promise and NARS Laguna Bronzer.  My gorgeous Benefit Hervana Blush will also be coming up this week (see my review here).

Happy shopping and please do let me know if you get your hands on the Chanel!

Nic x


Dior Vernis Safari Beige #219 Nude Nails

Dior Safari Beige (3)

Skin toned nails have featured highly on Spring Summer catwalks and red carpets, from London Fashion Week to the Oscars. My favourite nude nail of the moment is Dior Safari Beige. Despite the name, I find this quite a warm nude shade, which I think would flatter a lot of skintones and look equally well on palest winter or sunkissed skin. As I didn’t have an Oscar or couture dress to hand, I have accessorised with my wedding pearls!

Dior Safari Beige (4)

Safari Beige has my favourite wide brush for ease of application and took three coats for opacity, though looking at these pics it may have improved with four. 

Dior Safari Beige (5)

The shade is rather like a warmed up version of OPI Tickle my France-y. It’s equally chic and in my opinion, rather elegant. It makes my hands look groomed and polished without screaming for attention.


Rather like the leg lengthening effect of nude shoes, nude nailpolish adds length and elegance to the fingers.


A quick edit  to add some daylight pics of this shade, as all of the above were taken using flash on a dark day…


The shot on the right is the most colour true - it’s not really what I’d call beige, more almond toned, a bit like my foundation really - but still very lovely! And wearing pretty well don’t you think, considering this is day three? (though I did have Orly Polishield on top).

Dior Safari Beige RRP £17

Do you like this shade? - do leave me a little message below… I love having your feedback. :)  To stay up to date with new posts on Strawberry Blonde Beauty, please subscribe via google friend connect (‘join this site’ top right), bloglovin’ or email.

Thanks for stopping by! Nic x


Laura Mercier Crème Smooth foundation review ~ warm ivory

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth

I rave about Laura Mercier everywhere I go, have converted many friends pre blogging days and probably recommend one of her products most days on twitter. People probably think I work for them… sadly I have no association whatsoever, but I do think it’s one of the most under appreciated beauty brands out there. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it…. people either haven’t tried it, or they love it!

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth (2)

Crème Smooth is the second Laura Mercier foundation I’ve fallen for.  The moisturising foundation was my absolute holy grail and I used it for a long time ( sadly heard it may be discontinued), but I couldn’t resist giving Crème Smooth a go as soon as it launched. It comes in a heavy, opaque glass jar with an airtight plastic shield on top and a little plastic scoop to lift out product with. 

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth (3)

It couldn’t be more different from the moisturising foundation I used previously… it was fluid which blended quickly and easily leaving a perfect-but-real finish.  Crème Smooth requires some getting to know you time… you’ve got to learn to work with it, but boy is it worth it!  The shade I use is Warm Ivory, which is in fact slightly darker than Warm Ivory in the Moisturising Foundation, and my skin type is dry.

As you can see it’s quite thick, creamy and almost solid looking in the jar.  You could probably turn it upside down without spilling (I’m not prepared to check!).  This scared me… it reminded me of that Leichner stage makeup I used to see in the chemist years ago (it’s not like that!). 

“Laura created this modern, lightweight foundation that floats over skin without visibly settling into fine lines. The hydrating formula includes a multipeptide complex infused with Dermaxyl and advanced optical diffusers that help to visibly smooth out lines and wrinkles.”

It sounds almost contradictory that this should be described as lightweight - and yet that’s exactly what the finish is: excellent coverage yet lightweight.

Crème Smooth can be applied using fingers, a sponge (which the girl on the counter recommended) or a foundation brush. For a long time I applied it with fingers or the ELF flat ended powder brush.  I since discovered Real Techniques Stippling brush and that’s what I normally use now (though the ELF worked well too).

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth (4)

This little blob is almost twice what I’d use for one application… a little goes along way with this foundation (which is just as well, as it ‘aint cheap!).  I warm the product on my palm (the padded bit below the base of my thumb to be precise), dot it onto cheeks with the stippling brush and blend in small circular movements all over my face in a really fine layer.  It has medium to full coverage, the most coverage I’ve ever had in a foundation, probably on a par with Estee Lauder Double Wear but with a very different finish. 

The key to this foundation is to use very little. I might add more on a night out, but for a daytime look, the smallest amount is enough to give brilliant coverage - and yet (this is the exciting bit…) it looks very natural! I can not abide foundation that looks or feels heavy. I don’t want to see it on my face, nor for anyone else to see it - I just want it to cover imperfections and make my skin look good - and this does! It can of course be built up for complete coverage if preferred for evening and is 100% buildable.

182 Laura Mercier Creme Smooth (6)Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Warm Ivory swatch Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Warm Ivory swatch (2)

Looking at the first blob and slightly smoothed out swatch above, you’d think this would look thick and heavy on your face, yet it doesn’t.  It blends out beautifully and seems to soften into your skin as it warms, looking even better as the day goes on. It leaves a subtle radiance on the skin and feels soft, fine and comfortable, plus it lasts really well, especially if a primer is worn underneath. I have Laura Mercier foundation primer (funnily enough) though it’s almost run out. You can see how it’s covered most of the light freckles on my arm (click to enlarge for greater detail).

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth in Warm Ivory

I wasn’t actually taking this pic to show the foundation or I might have paid more attention to the application - it was for a (yet unpublished) post on Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Epetant eyeshadow, but hopefully this will give you an idea of how it looks on the skin.  To me, it gives a soft focus effect, one for which I am extremely grateful!  My blusher in this pic is Rose from my Laura Mercier Colour Wardrobe, which looks very similar to the Second Skin Rose Petal shade.

I don’t normally use this much eye makeup or curl my hair, so I do look more ‘made up’ than normal here… you’ll have to try and imagine this foundation with just mascara, a touch of eyeliner and glossy lips - ie even more natural looking!

Laura Mercier Crème Smooth costs £40.85 Urban Retreat’s ouchy… I know, but I’ve been using mine for several months and it’s not even half gone, which makes it a touch more palatable!  Recommended for normal to dry skins and mine is in the shade Warm Ivory.

What do you think of this product? Any other Laura Mercier fans out there?  Please do let me know your thoughts - thanks for reading! Nic x


Give your skin a break! My guest post on Modesty Brown


As much as I adore skincare, I recently discovered that sometimes my skin needs a complete break from products, or a pared down routine to give my skin a breather and stop it feeling overworked. 

If this sounds familiar, or is something you’ve never considered, please check out today’s guest post on one of my favourite blogs, Modesty Brown loves make-up… and if you’re not already following Jane’s fantabulous blog, be sure to subscribe while you’re there!

Enjoy! x


This is possibly the shortest blog post I have ever written… *giggles*


Bdellium foundation & shadow brushes #778 + #953

I’ve been meaning to do a post on my makeup brushes for ages… I’ve got a few new ones in the past couple of months that I’ve been loving lots (Real Techniques, adesign, Daniel Sandler) so will post about those another time. 

Despite using brushes for years, it’s only recently that I’ve come to appreciate the true effect they have on makeup application, largely thanks to some fantastic makeup artists who I follow on twitter and on their blogs: Kenneth Soh, Sam Donald, Lisa Eldridge & the Pixiwoos.


Today I’m going to talk about an eco-friendly vegan range I discovered recently, Bdellium Tools (try saying that after a glass of wine!). Bdellium’s Green Bambu Series is made with sustainable bamboo handles and vegan soft synthetic bristles, which are hypoallergenic & 100% cruelty-free.


I was sent two to try: the large shadow #778 and duet fiber foundation #953.  I like the look, size and feel of these brushes… I wasn’t crazy about the green tinged bristles to begin with, but they don’t stay that colour for long when dipped in product!


What impressed me most was how exceptionally soft they both are. This pic is a bit overexposed as it was taken in direct sunlight, but I hope it captures how soft and fluffy they are. The foundation brush initially seemed quite small to me… I’d already downsized from my huge flat topped Elf to the Real Techniques Stippling for foundation - and this was yet another step smaller.  I was amazed the first time I used it at how quickly and easily it applied product - and how little product I seemed to need. At least 1/3 less than normal I’d say.

The foundation brush feels silky soft on the skin and left such a flawless finish I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. It’s flat ended and while not described as a stippling brush (I think the hairs are usually longer on a stippling) it performs very similarly to one - and looks more like one when product is applied. I warm foundation in my hand, smooth it out a little, then dip the bristle tips into the product and swirl it over my face in little circular movements. I thought this would take ages, but it doesn’t!


The eyeshadow brush is lovely to use too and works well both for applying and blending product. The slightly pointed tip is useful for creasework and while I’ve only used it for quite natural looks so far, I’m very happy with it. I’d definitely need a finer brush for more detailed work or lining (I often line my eye with shadow for a softer look), so I plan to add to my collection with the smokey eyeliner and tapered blending brush!


As you can see, there is just a small amount of ‘give’ when light pressure is placed on the bristles; the brushes hold their shape well.

I was taken aback when I checked the prices of these brushes on Cute Cosmetics; based on the quality and performance I’d genuinely expected these to cost a lot more.  Prices start at just £6.50 and range up to £14.95 for a kabuki. The eyeshadow brush I have is part of a Mineral set of 5 which costs £37.95 - brilliant value - and the foundation brush (coming soon) will be £11.95. You can see the full range of Bdellium Tools here.

I’ve been so impressed with CutECOsmetics’ product range and very personalised customer service.  I bought my first OCC Lip Tar from there (reviewed earlier this week). Other gorgeous brands include Figs & Rouge, Betty Hula and EOS. Go forth and browse girls!  CuteECOsmetics

What brushes are you using the most at the moment? Thanks for reading, NIc x


Hair Heroes ~ Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence & Unite Blonda

This is the first in a new monthly series of Hair Heroes on Strawberry Blonde Beauty, where I share which products I’ve been loving the most, from shampoo and conditioners to styling products and tools.  I have slightly crazy, demanding hair which isn’t easily impressed, so if it’s included in Hair Heroes, you can be sure I genuinely do love it!

First up in my February Hair Heroes is something which may be a strong contender for my hero styling product of the year… high praise indeed coming from me.

Years ago I used a Tigi detangling styling spray - an amber liquid in a clear bottle which contained aromatherapy oils. I adored that stuff, but it was discontinued and I’ve never found anything that came close to it, until now!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morocco Miracle Heat Defence Spray

Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray

Hands up who else can be a bit lazy about using heat protector!  It’s something I know I should do, but for a long time I just gave my hair a quick upside down ‘whizz-dry’ and never bothered with products (largely as I couldn’t find ‘the one’). As it was subjected to so little heat, this wasn’t really an issue for me.  It was only when I started to use more electrical styling products, particularly tongs, that I really noticed the damage. I’d literally use them 2 or 3 times and be left with a whole new layer of frazzled hair.

I’m probably the last person on earth to try a hair product containing Argan Oil (Moroccan, Macadamia et al are still on my ‘to do’ list)

Celeb hairdresser, Lee Stafford’s range of hair products is available exclusively at Boots and is designed to give salon sleek hair . Heat Defence Spray is moisturising but non-greasy and is spritzed onto the hair to protect it from heated styling appliances.  It contains Moringa Seed Extract (Miracle Tree), a multi tasking ingredient which helps keep hair squeaky clean, while encouraging natural shine.

Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray (4) Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray (7)Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray (2) Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray (3)

‘The range has a subtle fragrance boosted by a sweet chocolate, caramel and raspberry fruit heart, layered with velvety vanilla that entwines with a sensual base of fine woods and musk.’       Tis true… this stuff smells sensational!

It’s a hair hero because…

  • fine spray be targeted where needed most, underneath and at ends in my case
  • protects and adds shine
  • leaves no heavy, lank feeling
  • can be used between washes to add moisture and shine
  • leaves my hair feeling exceptionally soft and smelling gorgeous!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morocco Miracle Heat Defence Spray costs £12.99 for 200ml at Boots (though a little birdy told me it will soon be available on discount site, Buyapowa!)


UNITE Blonda

UNITE Blonda

I’ve been mega impressed with Unite products in the past, particularly the styling products (Tricky Lite is a fave), so when asked if I’d like to try the Blonda shampoo and conditioner I jumped at the chance.  Some of you will be familiar with toning shampoos… I wasn’t, so it was a bit of a shock when I poured it into my hand to discover that it’s this stunning jewel like vivid purple!

UNITE Blonda (2)

The shampoo is left in the hair for up to 1 minute, followed by the conditioner for up to 3 minutes. It smells gorgeously fresh and when rinsed out, leaves my hair feeling mega soft. You know how some hair products leave hair squeaky and tangled when rinsed out? This doesn’t…

The biggest surprise was when I dried my hair - it really did look lighter! I’ve been assured that Blonda does not continually lighten your hair; it just brightens and maintains the blonde tones. I only have a few surface foils a couple of times a year on my hair, but I still like to look after them!

Blonda is a hair hero because:

  • it left my hair feeling very soft, shiny and well conditioned
  • made my blonde highlights glisten
  • smells beautiful
  • is sulphate free
  • is fun to use! (the purple element - I’m such a child!)

I’ve been using Blonda on alternate washes for one month now and treating my hair once a week with the Smoothing Repair treatment, which leaves it feeling really nourished and exceptionally shiny.

Unite Blonda Shampoo is available online at Urban Retreat’s Beautique at £15.10 for 250ml. The site seems to be out of the conditioner and travel sizes at the moment, so I’ll get back to you with an update on those.  Unite is also stocked at Harrods Urban Retreat and selected salons nationwide - you can call 0845 034 0770 to check UK availability.

Details of the full product range are available here.

I’ll 100% repurchase these products when they run out - do you like the sound of them? What’s your hair hero? I’m open to ideas for next month!  Please leave a comment or tweet me @Strawbry_Blonde. Thanks for reading, Nic x


Happiness is…. a Neom Organic Treatment Candle

This title reminds me of those little Charlie Brown cartoons - Happiness is… a warm blanket (as readers of a certain age may recall!). I guess in some ways candles are a bit like a warm blanket - they add a certain warm, fuzzy softness to a room in a way that an electric light can never do. And if they smell good, even better!

I make no secret of my love of Neom candles and body products on this blog, so am sure you can guess how I felt when I heard about ‘Happiness’, the company’s newest candle which launched this month.


Here’s how it arrived - could the presentation be any more elegant?!  I just love how the front of the box flips down when you remove the lid, to reveal the candle and the words: ‘To find the person who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons… that is the ultimate happiness.’

What excited me the most about this candle is that Neom has found a unique way of releasing scent from actual blades of grass. Admittedly I do have geek tendencies but I find this insanely thrilling!

‘The result is a characteristic fresh, green, grassy note, which when combined with essential oils of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon creates an amazingly evocative, crisp spring garden scent.’

IMG_0304 IMG_0302IMG_0309 IMG_0317

‘Happiness’ quickly fills the room with fragrance, almost instantly in fact. It’s nearly worth leaving the room just to come back in again and smell its gorgeousness. If I close my eyes the scent conjures up summer meadows with freshly cut grass and wild flowers. The lemon element is quite distinct and gives a gorgeous freshness, but no hint of sharpness.

As the name suggests this is a feel good candle - and for me, a daytime or Spring/Summer evening fragrance.  I don’t save candles for darkness as nothing compares to the way they scent a room at any time of day and since I work from home, I love being surrounded by a little boost of ‘Happiness’.

The beauty of Neom candles is that they don’t just smell good; they also make you feel good… Happiness is 100% natural and the high concentration of essential oils provides an aroma-therapeutic treatment, boosting your mood and putting a spring in your step.

Invigorating lemon blends beautifully with the healing, balancing Neroli and tension-relieving Mimosa.

‘This lively blend of happy notes will make you smile, take the weight off your shoulders and sprinkle a little joy into your world.’


Doesn’t it look pretty when lit?  My husband tells me he was named after Marcus Aurelius. (I’m not sure if he was making it up… he does that sometimes.)


The three wick candle weighs 1kilo and burns for up to 55 hours. As you can see it burns very evenly, the wax solidifying again when distinguished. All Neom candles are also available in a travel size weighing 0.25kilo, burning up to 20 hours, so a very economical way of trying out the fragrance.

IMG_0319 All part of the charm…

Happiness candles are available at Neom Organics and cost £37.50 for the large 3 wick candle or £13 for the travel size.

Do you fancy spreading a little Happiness with one of these?


OCC Lip Tar ~ Pretty Boy, Anime & Grandma

 OCC Lip Tar: Pretty Boy, Anime & Grandma

I’ve wanted to try OCC Lip Tars for ages and my curiosity finally got the better of me.  I think I held off as I couldn’t get my head around what they were really like - the consistency, how wearable they are for ‘normal’ people - and so on.  I took a gamble and am so glad I did, but these aren’t like anything I’ve tried before, so I’d like to spend a bit of time explaining exactly what to expect with these beauties. I think I was a bit scared of them and there’s really no need…


The 3 shades I have here are Pretty Boy, Anime and Grandma (L to R above and below).

  • Pretty Boy is a bright, but wearable fuchsia with raspberry and blue tones.
  • Anime is a full on, almost neon fuchsia
  • Grandma is a warm corally tangerine


Consistency - Lip Tars come in liquid form, similar to the consistency of paint, in little plastic tubes with a slanted dispenser that can be applied directly to the lips (at your peril - more on that later). They’re available in a huge range of shades and are designed to be worn alone or mixed to create the perfect colour for your skin tone. Hugely pigmented, a little goes a loooonnng way.

Finish - They are fun to use, but take a little time and patience to get used to. The finish is similar to lipstick… dewy at first but leaning towards dry - I find they work best over a lipbalm and with a touch of gloss added afterwards. They don’t dry completely (and I expected them to) so they will smudge or transfer if you touch them.

Application - They have a tendency to bleed a little, so a primer or liner might help. I managed without one, but would like to try a transparent liner - (please tell me if you know where I can get my hands on one of these!) Lip Tars are extremely long lasting - a full day in my experience - and wear off evenly on me, leaving my lips looking similar to when I’ve used Benefit Benetint or similar lipstain product. Only a teensy bit is required, literally a dot on the end of a lipbrush, making them excellent value in my opinion (around £8-9 each). Due to the runny consistency, they apply best with a lipbrush, which I find also helps with precision. I did try applying one straight from the tube and while it was ‘ok’ I’d definitely opt for a brush.

Versatility - Many of the swatches I found made the product look similar to thick, opaque paint - almost like wet nail polish. It’s not. It’s extremely versatile and can be worn as a light stain, as a normal lipstick, or built up for a more full on, dramatic effect. I’ve tried to show several of these options in my pics. It also looks great with lipgloss for an amazing almost 3D effect.




Lip Tar as a Lipstain

Firstly I want to show how Lip Tars can be worn for a very natural every day look, even if you’re timid about colour.  In these pics I’ve applied Pretty Boy as lip stain, with a teensy speck applied over lipbalm. I guess you could mix it with a lipbalm or clear gloss in a little pot if you wanted to go with this look regularly.

OCC Lip Tar Pretty Boy (3)OCC Lip Tar Pretty Boy


Pretty Boy straight from the tube…



Pretty Boy as full coverage lipstick…

OCC Lip Tar Pretty Boy (6)OCC Lip Tar Pretty Boy (8)OCC Lip Tar Pretty Boy (9)

It looks particularly blue toned on me in these pics, whereas you can see in the tube and painted swatches, it actually has a hint of raspberry about it and can sometimes look slightly warmer, like the little full face pic above. These were all taken in natural light and I applied two thin layers with a lip brush. It can be layered up more for a dramatic, longer lasting effect.



Anime and Pretty Boy look quite similar in the tubes - and while they’re not a million miles apart they are definitely different. I don’t think you’d need both really - I have a slight preference for Pretty Boy.


I’m quite taken aback at how similar the shades look in these pics… they are similar, but Pretty Boy is definitely a touch softer and more wearable. Anime has a lot more pop, is slightly more blue toned, verging on neon if applied generously and has a certain iridescence to it.

OCC Lip Tar Anime (2)IMG_0219OCC Lip Tar Anime (5)

Anime’s true magic is best captured by camera with flash… the expression on my face here is pretty much how it makes me feel!



Grandma is a much more wearable shade… I wasn’t sure if it suited me at first but looking at these pics I really do like it.  I was fighting for a crowded mirror by the time I got around to swatching this one so the application is a bit squiffy (my sister was getting ready for a party and I was half doing her makeup at the same time!).

OCC Lip Tar Grandma (2)OCC Lip Tar Grandma (5)

It’s a coral toned tangerine which will be lushalicious for summer… in fact all of these shades make me want to tear up my winter woolies and replace my cloudy coloured wardrobe with summer brights immediately!  I also think they’ll work brilliantly with the Spring Summer pretty nail colours. In fact, if you’re listening OCC - please bring out your own range of nail colours - how amazing would that be?!?!

IMG_0271   IMG_0290IMG_0288

In between swatching Anime and Grandma I popped out to the chemist and tried on the new Clarins Spring Summer blush while I was there (pink liquid one in a little tube with spongey wand) - I think it’s pretty cute - do you?  Maybe not ideal with this lipstick, esp considering I was already wearing Benefit Hervana underneath, but anyway… I like it! :)

OCC Lip Tar Grandma (6)

Incase you’re interested, the rest of my makeup is:

  • Clarins Everlasting foundation in Sand (sample sachet from same chemist, dont you just love a local!) - has a great matte finish and is longlasting, though a little on the dry side for my liking - it seems to come up well in pics though.
  • Benefit & Clarins blushers, as mentioned in above para
  • Nars Larger than Life Eyeliner in dark bronzey brown shade (love!)
  • Dream Weave mascara - first time using but very impressed so far, though wish I’d curled lashes!
  • W7 brow pencil which an Aussie friend gave me - not even sure if this brand is available here? But I like the pencil a lot - it’s a nice ashy colour and has a little brow brush on one end which is very handy.


I only included this pic as I realised the others were all taken with flash - and this is closer to how Grandma looks in natural light. It was taken on my phone (in the car on our way out for dinner) so apols for the poor quality, but I hope you like the colour!

OCC Lip Tars cost around £7.99-£8.99 and are available from Cocktail Cosmetics or CutECOsmetics in the UK or directly from OCC Makeup in the US and internationally

Are you a fan of OCC Lip Tars, or do you fancy trying one?

I purchased Pretty Boy myself. Anime & Grandma were samples.


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